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15 cat posts to make your weekend absolutely PAWSOME

cat wearing coat cat-happy
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If you’ve had a rough week, don't worry! We’ve rounded up some of the most adorable and funny cat posts from the internet this week, just for you!

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 19/10/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

1. Winter is coming

The weather is getting chilly, and we all need to dress-up warm. So, first up, we have this cat looking all serious in a winter coat. 


2. "Don't worry you look good hunny"

Watch this absolutely hilarious video of a cat morphed using video editing techniques. We think it’s still as cute as ever. Just look at those ears! 


3. Mmmh Ramen

Ramen is the perfect food no matter the occasion, and this cat thinks so too.


4. Cuteness overload

Next up is this video – and there has never been a more perfect interaction captured on camera than this one. 


5. "Human pay attention to me!"

This cat just KNOWS how to get everyone’s attention with her adorable meows! 


6. Our plans for the weekend

Watch as this cat relaxes with the most serious look on her face – oh, and a robotic toy is giving her massage!



 Oh no! They’re coming after us… (for snuggles and cuddles!)


8. "I'm watching you!"

There’s not one… There’s TWO of these cats with their huge peering eyes...


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9. Someone is ready for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and this cute kitten is ready for her treats!


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10. Zzzzz

These kittens sure do love their owner… a lot. Look at them all comfy together!


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11. Because one cat is not enough

How many cats?! They’re all here now!


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12. Anyone needs help in the kitchen?

If you’ve ever needed a helping hand, now you’ve got one… a long one!


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13. When you are so proud of your new haircut

Oh wow, you look different, did you do something to your hair? 


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14. When you get a new toy and fall in love with it

A cat and her lovely, new, fluffy and very snuggly friend.


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15. Spa time

Watch as this cat has a bath with cute rubber yellow ducks and has lots of fun!


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We hope the cats featured in this post have brightened up your day!