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When owner discovers why his dog sits in driveway every day, he can't believe it

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© Mary Safir - YouTube

Pippin, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever, who lives in South Carolina with her owner, Kayla, truly is a man’s best friend and shows that dogs have hearts of gold.

By Memoona Zahid , 28 Sep 2019

The scene takes place in a very quiet street. Pippin sits still, waiting and watching… but for what?

A few seconds pass, and all of a sudden, the dog gets up and her excitement goes up a notch.

A matter of love

Pippin is eagerly waiting for the mailman to come to her owner’s house to deliver parcels. She waits eagerly, sitting on the grass, wagging her tail.

Then, she sees the post man putting mail in the neighbours' letterboxes. She watches patiently as the truck approaches her, and suddenly rushes towards it.

Mission accomplished!

In the most natural way possible, Pippin collects the parcels and letters from the mailman, who puts them in her mouth, before she returns home quietly.

But she doesn’t just do this on random occasions, she does it every day.

What a talented and intelligent doggo!

Watch the adorable video below to see Pippin in action!