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Girl explodes with laughter when she sees what's written on dog's collar

dog outside pizza place dog-wow
© Estrella CR - Facebook

A young woman wants to enjoy her pizza – but when she sees a dog gazing at her, she decides to find out what’s going on. What she finds makes her day! In just a few hours, this doggie has made the online world smile uncontrollably.

By Memoona Zahid , 20 Sep 2019

Almost everyone LOVES pizza and it’s often difficult to resist the call of a good portion of cheese.

A dog addicted to pizza?!

It all started when a young woman went to a pizza place for lunch. Once she was seated, she noticed a dog staring straight into her eyes through the window.

There is no doubt that the dog was only dreaming of one thing: eating some of that pizza. Obviously intrigued by the dog’s behaviour, the woman approaches the dog to make sure he isn’t lost.

When she gets closer to the dog, she reads his collar which says, ‘Do not give me pizza’.

“This rather big dog wanted us to feed him,” says Estrella on her Facebook account, where the story of the pizza loving dog has gained a lot of attention.

Following the growing success of this dog who’s a huge fan of pizza (like us!), the American site Buzzfeed decided to conduct an investigation and find the owner of the dog, who runs a sex shop nearby. The dog, whose name is El Jefe, is about 10 years old. They explain that El Jefe is totally obsessed with pizza and that is why he is overweight. Since he cannot resist asking for pizza, the owner decided to personalise a collar for El Jefe, which he is often seen wearing.

Posted by Estrella CR on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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