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Man is assaulted, then decides to adopt his attacker’s dog

Staffordshire Bull Terrier laying on grass dog-happy
© Thomas Céline Berredjem - Facebook

Thomas Berredjem delivers newspapers in Castelsarrasin, France. About a month ago, the 29-year-old was assaulted in the street by a man owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

By Justine Seraphin , 29 Jun 2019

During the altercation, the assailant repeatedly released his Staffordshire Bull Terrier onto Thomas, ordering the dog to attack.

The sweetest soul

But the good-natured animal refused to hurt innocent Thomas. In fact, she even seemed scared of her own master.

Instead of violently attacking the young man, she calmly approached Thomas and started to lick him, almost as if to comfort him. Furious, the attacker then started to batter Thomas himself.

From the attack, comes an adoption

Following this terrible experience, the attacker was placed into the custody of law enforcement while awaiting his trial. His Staffy, of course, had to be rehomed.

And it was Thomas, the man that might have been destined to be attacked by this very dog, that decided to adopt her. In a moving Facebook post, he wrote:

“It was inconceivable for me to let her pay for someone else’s mistakes. This dog touched me profoundly, so I fought to adopt her!” 

Re-named Xena, the sweet girl certainly has a much brighter future ahead. She won’t be terrorised by an aggressive owner, but rather loved and cared for by someone kind and mature.

We wish her and Thomas only the best!


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Posted by Thomas Céline Berredjem on Friday, May 24, 2019