Meet Frankie: the rescue cat with one eye and four ears

Georgia Dagg works in a local animal shelter in Geelong, Australia. She’s fostered over 100 cats in two years, but she’d never seen anything quite like Frankie before.

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A very unusual patient

He was first brought into the shelter to have a deformed eye removed, but staff soon noticed something very unusual – Frankie had an extra pair of ears. Word spread through the shelter, but Georgina was sceptical at first. Talking to the Dodo, she said “I thought people were pulling my leg. I thought it was a bit of joke.” So she decided to go and see for herself:  “I went out back and there he was actually there, and he actually had four ears!


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Georgina decided to foster Frankie through his post-surgery recovery, but the more time she spent with him, the closer the two of them became. Speaking about their very special bond, Georgina said “I think it just shows how much he cemented himself in my heart. Its like we chose each other but not intending to.


Cat With 4 Ears Loves Helping Out With Foster Kittens

This cat has 4 ears and his mom pets them all!

Gepostet von The Dodo am Freitag, 27. Juli 2018


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Frankie finds a home

Frankie is now a permanent member of the family and he even pitches in when it comes to looking after new arrivals – “He teaches the other cats how to socialise and how to be a cat. He teaches them that there’s nothing to be afraid of in this environment.

The biggest impact has been on his little brother Lucius, another one of Georgina’s rescue cats. Georgiana says that “since Frankie has come along, Lucius has shown more desire to be close to people and accept patting and kindness.”

He’s also bringing out the best in his owner. Georgina admits to being rather shy and reserved, but Frankie’s extra ears are an interesting talking point whenever the two of them met new people. “He’s been good for me in that sense,”  said Georgina.


“Purr-fect” in every way

Frankie’s extra appendages are more aesthetic than functional. He can’t hear through them and he can’t move them. But he does love having them scratched and tickled!

Georgina wouldn’t change a thing about this one-eyed, four-eared rescue cat: “I think he’s perfect”, she says. And it looks like she’s not the only one: Frankie’s frank_n_kitten Instagram page has over 16k followers!

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