Life Through the Eyes of a Dog

Life, and the entire world around us, is undoubtedly different when seen from a dog’s point of view. This short film is astounding! And it gives us a glance at what a dog would see in his world.

Could life through a dog’s eyes actually be a lot happier? Probably simpler? Could his world simply include things like basic stuff: food, sleep and play? Does he look at the other dogs the way we look at other folks?

As a dog lover, we feel that their world is a lot more simple and easy and pure hearted. We think that they see every little thing as an opportunity to live. They see strangers as possible friends. They see food, that can’t be reach, as a possible meal. And they see us as if we are their soulmate. Perhaps if we were a lot more like our dogs, we’d be more happy and much more content. What can you say about this?

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