Happy Black Cat Day! A day to raise awareness

National Black Cat Day
Happy National Black Cat Day! ©️pixabay

Today, is the National Black Cat Day. It is a day aimed to raise awareness to people who are looking to adopt a kitten or a cat.

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Despite being just as attractive as any other coloured cats, for years, black cats have been unwanted. By facing superstition, animosity or even death, these exceptional creatures aren’t so lucky compared to their fellow friends.

What about the facts?

Indeed, according to the RSPCA, over the past three years, 3 169 black cats have been rehomed. However, it takes the RSPCA team around 30 days to find them a new home whereas a colored cat would need around 23 days. They most common cat seen in their centre are black and white cats. Many people believe this is all due to the superstition black cats disseminate.

The superstitions behind Black Cats

Now, what is interesting about these superstitions is that they vary depending on the culture. While, in England black cats are considered to be a symbol of good luck, in the rest of Europe, these animals are associated to bad luck. Indeed, historically, black cats were seen as a symbol of evil omens and the beloved witch friends.

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So if you are looking to adopt a little kitten or an adult cat, why wouldn’t you consider a black cat? Who knows, you might find a fascinating black cat companion for you. And if you already have one of them, today is the day to celebrate this beautiful creature! Take a picture of your black cat, post it all over social media and spread the love and the awareness.

Happy National Black Cat Day to all of you!

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