Facebook Notification

Facebook has changed the way we see updates from people and pages we follow.

You may have noticed that you aren’t seeing a lot of our pawsome stuff, if you don’t want to miss any our pupdates, please have your notifications turned on by following these steps:

For Desktop:

1. Go to our Facebook page, and hover or click the “Liked” button for a drop down menu

Facebook Notification 01

2. And then check “See First” and and “All On”, so you won’t miss all our updates!

Facebook Notification 02

For Mobile:

1. To “See First” our content on your newsfeed, on our page, tap on “Following”

Facebook Notification 03

2. And then select “See First”, and that’s it! You’ll get to see our updates first when you check your facebook!

Facebook Notification 04

3. To get notified for when we post stories, Tap on “More”

Facebook Notification 05

4. And then Go to “Notifications”

Facebook Notification 06

5. From here, choose which of our content you want to get notified. (Hint: Select all of them, 😉 )

Facebook Notification 07

Thanks for the pawsome support!