Dream honeymoon ruined: “a dog ate my passport!”

Dog eats passport
Milo the dog chewed up his owners passport. © Empiep. Pixabay

A pet pooch inadvertently ruined his owner’s dream honeymoon by chewing on one of their passports.

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Daniel and Tia Farthing from Suffolk spent £4,000 and 16hours on a flight to Bali only to be turned away by officials. The local border force said that Daniel’s passport was invalid because one of the corners was missing. He told them that his dog had done it, but they obviously weren’t impressed.

Dream honeymoon ruined

Talking to the Mirror, Tia said “We got married last year and planned our honeymoon for our first anniversary. We’d booked an elephant safari, a villa and pool. It was going to be so special.”

Things then got even worse for the couple. After leaving Bali they were detained in Singapore for over 7 hours, and Daniel spent most of that time locked in a room with 30 other people. Commenting on the ordeal, Daniel said, “I was shaking and throwing up. It was a horrendous experience.”

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Tia and Daniel tried recuperating the cost but the travel insurance company refused to pay out. Tia’s sister set up a Facebook fundraising page for the couple. She wrote: “They both were unable to go on their honeymoon of a lifetime, one which they have spent a whole year saving for and as you can imagine, Bali is not a cheap holiday. And the worst part is the insurance won’t pay out a single penny, so they have lost thousands of pounds.”

Milo has been a very naughty boy!

The damage to the passport was done when the couples labrador-collie mix, Milo, was still a puppy. Since then, Daniel had used the passport to travel all over Europe without any problems. He was even assured by the UK Border Force that the passport would be accepted in Bali.

Since returning home, the couple has noticed that Milo seems a bit sheepish: “He knows he’s done wrong because he’s been constantly coming to us for cuddles,” said Tia.

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Hopefully, Milo won’t be in the dog house for too long!

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