Dogs surgery leads to a very unusual discovery

Labradors are well-known for their large appetites, but 11-month-year-old Charlie’s tastes surprised everyone.

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It all began when Charlie started vomiting. His worried owner, Claire Ferley, rushed Charlie to the local vet. X-rays showed that his stomach was packed with food and he was kept in for observation.

Vets kept checking on Charlie but saw no improvement in his condition. Speaking to the Express, a spokesperson for Taverham Vets in Norfolk said, “Charlie had continued to vomit despite treatment and repeat x-rays still showed a stomach full of ‘food’, even though Charlie hadn’t eaten for 36 hours.”

A very unusual discovery

Emergency surgery was the best option, and that’s when vets made the unusual discovery. Charlie’s stomach wasn’t full of food; it was clogged with the chewed up remains of two teddy bears! Luckily, the surgeon was able to remove all of the pieces with a pair of tweezers and Charlie has now made a full recovery. Claire Ferley said: “He’s doing brilliantly. He’s not been able to go out for a week but he has got the all-clear. He’s full of energy and strength.

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Claire was puzzled as to where Charlie had found the bears, but it turned out they belonged to one of his doggy friends. She went on to say that it “It was very worrying, particularly as I was away from home. We just weren’t sure what was wrong with him.”

More dogs with strange tastes

Labradors are renowned for being greedy, but Charlie isn’t the only dog with an unusual appetite. In April this year, Wakefield-based vet Nick Blackburn removed FOUR teddy bears from the stomach of an eight-year-old St Benard. Other strange objects found inside dogs include a rubber duck, a mobile phone, and an engagement ring!

Don’t worry, all the dogs made a full recovery.

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Cheeky Charlie and his Teddy Bears Picnic!Charlie, a very handsome Labrador retriever visited us as he was vomiting, his owners suspected he may have eaten something he shouldn't. Initial X-rays showed Charlie's stomach was full of food (typical labrador 😂). Charlie was admitted for overnight care in our veterinary hospital and given medications to help stop the vomiting.Charlie continued to vomit despite treatment, repeat X-rays still showed a stomach full of 'food', even though Charlie hadn't eaten for 36 hours. It was decided that Charlie should be taken to surgery to investigate his stomach contents. Vet Alice performed the surgery and found Charlie's stomach was full of chewed up teddy bear toys – 2 in total! 🐻🐻Post surgery, Charlie received lots of TLC in our hospital and recovered very well. He is now home and back to his cheeky self 🐾❤️🐾

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Gepostet von Taverham Vets am Donnerstag, 1. November 2018

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