In Australia, this Brave Dog Saved His Human from a Very Venomous Snake!

Viral video of a courageous dog who saves his Australian master from the eastern brown snake - the second most venomous snake in the world.

Watch this viral video of a courageous dog who saved his Australian master from the eastern brown snake – the second most venomous snake in the world.

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No matter what your preferences are in pets, it remains a fact that modern dogs have shared the same history as we humans do.

These loyal, dependable, and incredibly intuitive creatures have served humankind for generations.

Their keen senses allow them to sense things our human senses usually can’t detect. For example, some dogs are trained to sense illnesses in our body, while others are trained to help with security.

Nowadays, some dogs are trained to help aid those with mental or emotional issues, alongside our physically impaired citizens.

However, the simplest job a dog has is being a friend and companion to us.

This viral video shows exactly the kind of love and devotion these animals have for us. If you needed any more proof, just read this article!

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In Queensland, Australia, a dog saved his owner from the second most venomous snake in the world.

Eastern brown snakes are fast and aggressive reptiles. The snake has a habit of chasing down its aggressors and repeatedly striking at them until its venom sinks in. This species is responsible for 60% of snakebite-related deaths in Australia. The snake’s venom is so potent that even the younger ones can kill humans.

In the video, you’ll see an Australian man relaxing in his backyard. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a snake slithering across his patio. Luckily, the ever-vigilant dog noticed the deadly reptile moving towards its master.

When the snake was right at the man’s heels, the dog chased it down.

Although there’s no audio in the video, it can be assumed that the dog’s barking startled the man.

The man leapt out of his seat the moment he noticed the snake under his feet.

Afterwards, he led his faithful canine companion inside the house and away from the dangerous snake.

Watch the hair-raising video here!

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Good dog!

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