This Little Dog Rescued a Tiny Unconscious Bird

Dogs are amazing creatures. They’re so in tune with their surroundings. In fact, their senses place them in a category of their own. They can smell cancer, sense a seizure coming before it happens, detect low blood sugar… the list goes on. I’m confident enough to say this: Dogs are the most sensitive animals on the planet. Don’t believe me? Then read this!

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An adorable Jack Russel named Diamond, from Iceland, was at home with his dad Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson. Gunnar was getting some work done when Diamond suddenly came in from the balcony, gave a whine, and then walked back out. Gunnar shrugged it off and went back to working, but Diamond refused to allow Gunnar to ignore him! He came back a second time, whined again and proceeded to lead his human to a little creature that needed help.

Diamond had found what appeared to be a lifeless bird on the balcony. He wanted his human to do what he could not do with his own paws: pick the bird up and take him inside to help him. But Gunnar thought the bird, sadly, was dead… that is, until he saw the little blink of an eye.

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So Gunnar scooped the bird up in a basket and the tiny bird fluttered to life! Now, Diamond and Gunnar were on a mission together! The small bird was brought inside to rest. Gunnar explained to The Dodo: “I gave him some water and some birdseed I had. After an hour or so, I was going to set him free, but wanted to take some pictures first, so I put him in my open palm and took some snaps,” Gunnar explained. “Then he flew a big circle in my living room and landed back… right on top of Diamond’s head!”

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It seemed that the tiny bird understood he had a furry little hero, and wanted to thank him. After a practice flight around the room, the bird returned to give Diamond some kisses. Or more like allow Diamond to kiss him. Gunnar felt the bird deserved his own special name, and anointed him, Bíbí.

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