Clever cat escaped from a cage and after locks himself back in

Cat escaped from his cage in a matter of seconds
Cat locked inside a cage. ©duytanphoto. Unsplash

A very clever cat escaped from his cage but then voluntarily goes back inside and locks himself in when he spotted his owner.

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Cats are very intelligent animals. A cute kitty that lives in Haikou City, southern Hainan Province (China), proved this fact when he scaped his cage with ease. The funny thing is that a house camera caught this event!  You can actually see the whole thing in a viral video.

A very resourceful cat

The cat, a British Shorthair, proved to be quite resourceful. Firstly, he learnt to escape from his cage by lifting the latch. Secondly, he managed to stay vigilant of his surroundings during the process. It may be a wild guess but the cat went back inside after he escaped because he knew he was doing something wrong.

When he escaped, he nearly got busted

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Fortunately for all of us, a camera recorded his escape from the beginning until the very end. Take a look at the video of this ‘breakout’. In it, you can see in details how this gorgeous grey cat surpasses the cage’s security to achieve momentary freedom. The moment that took everyone by surprise is when he used both of his paws at the same time for different tasks. He used one to lift the hatch and the other one to push the door out.

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After, the owner realized how his cat escaped, he figured out how smart his pet actually is. This video went viral in matter of hours. Cat specialist are having a feast about it. According to them, the British Shorthair breed is one of the oldest in the world. It can be traced back to Rome itself. This breed of cat has received many prizes along the years for its physical strength and acute hunting ability. Furthermore, they make excellent pets as they can be very affectionate and intelligent.

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