Chris Evans’ dog deserves a Grammy award for his duet performance

Chris Evans’ dog Dodger delivered a true Grammy performance when he sang a duet at the dog park with a true angelical voice.

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Last Friday afternoon, Chris Evans’ pup Dodger sang at the dog park with his new dog friend. Without a shroud of doubt, their duet performance was a magnificent piece of genius and talent truly deserving of a Grammy.

The video is the definitive proof!

In his twitter account, Chris Evans said that “Dodger found someone to harmonize with at the dog park. The result was a powerful duet”.  If you take a peek at this video, you can see how wonderful their voices sound. It appears that unlike us, dog do not have stage-fright! Check out this 28 seconds video and judge yourself the performance. Is it not worthy of a Grammy? I believe so.

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Worldwide campaign for a Grammy

Shortly after this video went viral, Chris Evans tweeted in his account “I just hope success doesn’t go to their heads”. And I totally understand what Chris is saying. However, after a little digging, people found out that this wasn’t the first time! Once before, there is a video where Dodger is singing at home. In the following video, you can see how Dodger showed off his Grammy-like talents to gain total control of the room. You tell me but it seems that this pup is ready for hardcore performances.

Whichever way, vocal cords like this are extremely rare to come by in animals. So you can imagine the surprise with this discovery. There have been some evidence of the talents that huskies can acquire, but none can compare to Dodger. If someone is creating a campaign to give him a Grammy, sign me up!

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