Woman Found Children in a Park Stabbing Two Puppies with Sticks

This is so wrong and heartbreaking..

Cruelty is usually learned at a very young age, when children are watching what adults do. There’s still no excuse for such behavior, but they can’t be entirely blamed for being cruel when they’re young. On this occasion, these children’s actions led to a horrible end for a defenseless puppy.

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In Mesquite, Texas, a woman found children in the park stabbing two puppies with sticks, so she made a call to a Dallas animal rescue organization. She managed to gather the puppies and take them to the local animal shelter. They were named Macey and Hogan.

Unfortunately, Hogan was unable to walk. Macey stayed by his side the entire time, and snuggled next to him, hoping he would play with her.

Take a look at this image:

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Hogan was then taken to surgery for his injuries, but sadly he didn’t survive. Macey now has no one to play with, and wailed all night when she discovered her brother was gone. The authorities are hoping for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward and seek justice for these poor pups. Share away, people.