Big Dog So Fat He Can’t Fit in Kennel at Shelter

Nicknamed “Bopper the Whopper”, this big dog is so obese that he can’t fit comfortably in his kennel!

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More than your average border collie

If you’re familiar with dog breeds, you’ll know that most border collies tend to be on the wiry side due to their energetic nature that loves running around, playing games or being put to work. Not so with poor 11 year-old Bopper, who was taken in by the Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth, England. Bopper’s ideal weight should be around 27kg, but instead he weighs almost double: nearly 50kg (8 stone)!

A big dog means big health problems

Bopper’s weight doesn’t just mean that he can’t fit in the kennel, but he also struggles with breathing and even simply standing. His obesity means he has a high risk of developing diabetes, joint and bones issues and cardiovascular problems. But he isn’t alone. A study published in the Veterinary Record in January found that 65% of British dogs surveyed were overweight, and 9% obese.

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Do larger dogs need more exercise?

It’s not quite as simple as that. The amount of exercise a dog needs depends on its breed and its temperament. The average labrador, for example, needs as much exercise as a human, while chihuahuas only need 30 minutes a day. But size isn’t necessarily an indicator of exercise needed.

As for “Bopper the whopper”, he’s currently living with the shelter’s owners and working on his own lifestyle changes. Once he’s slimmed down, hopefully he’ll find his forever home and stick to a better, healthier diet.

If you have an overweight dog (hopefully not as large as Bopper), take them to an animal nutritionist or your local vet to work out a new diet and exercise plan. A healthy dog is a happy one!

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