Amazing Dog-Themed Pumpkin Lanterns to carve at Halloween

Dog-themed pumpkin lanterns
Halloween jack-o-lanterns©Jill111, pixabay

One of the most creative things about Halloween is carving a Dog-Themed Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern. One of the new crazes it to carve your pet’s portrait into a lantern.

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Pumpkin carving

Halloween lanterns are modelled to scare any trick-or-treat visitors away from your home. These dog-themed creations are incredibly intricate and some are actually modelled on their own pets. Each lantern can take several hours to create, certainly even more if you’re not too good at freehand carving. First of all, choose your pumpkin and then begin the huge task of taking out the flesh and seeds. You can then begin to carve your dog-themed design, using a stencil to make the job easier. Add a battery-operated candle or tea lights for a spooky effect.

Dog-themed Halloween costumes

During the past few years, dog owners have cottoned onto the craze of Halloween fancy dress outfits. As a result of social media, it’s really easy to share cute pictures of your pooch dressed up as a spider or a witch. Pet behaviourists question if its natural behaviour to dress a dog up in an outfit but it appears most dog owners don’t worry. Choose a fancy dress costume that doesn’t prevent the dog from seeing and hearing what’s going on around him. Likewise, one that isn’t too tight to inhibit his movement. Your pet will probably let you know if he isn’t happy. Where is the harm if you only dress your pooch in a Halloween outfit once a year?

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The best dog-themed lanterns

When Halloween comes around, expect to see some fabulously carved pumpkin lanterns on the doorsteps of many homes. Likewise, keep your eyes open for any dog-themed creations when out trick-or-treating. You could certainly have a go at making one yourself!

Here are some of our favourite designs that we have seen so far:

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Woody the cavalier ©instagram

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