2019 pooping dog calendar is here, and it’s the shittiest calendar ever

dog pooping shittiest calendar
Dog pooping ©️Simon Kadula, Shutterstock

Yes, pooping dogs in a calendar. Pretty shit idea, right? Seriously though, who came up with this…

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If you were hoping that the title was just some well-crafted (but shit) clickbait, please accept our apologies. The 2019 “Pooping Pooches” calendar is exactly that – 12 months of various pooping dogs in different locations.

Poo postures: Caught in the moment

If the pooping dog novelty wears off after the first few pages, there are some dog behavioural qualities we picked up from this “unique” calendar gift. From stoic (Sky, January) and angry (Butters, June) pooping, to embarrassed (Tango, February) and uncomfortable (Stella, March) there are a fascinating variety of all-too-relatable expressions and postures to dissect.

Pooping dogs all-year-round

We also have to commend the calendar’s editors for maintaining seasonal themes throughout. Dog pooping in January is predictably snowy, while June’s poop is in a veritable desert, and the suitably-named Stink (Stink, did your owners come up with this pooping dog photo idea?) is struggling with a seaside shit.

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Watch out for the sand, Stink.

Come November, the sky is grey where beagle Mumu lives, and this appears to have made Mumu reflective while she poops. Ares, however, who lives in some snowy mountains, could really not give a shit about where he shits. It’s December, it’s cold.

Practical and charitable poops

Not only does this calendar provide a daily reminder of what a dog having a poo looks like, but Pooping Pooches also contains key dates during the year such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Election Day. Let’s not forget what it’s primary function is now.

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Scoffing aside, Pooping Pooches is also a  sponsor of the Maui Humane Society, donating $1 per calendar and 25 cents per greeting card. Poop away, pooches. There’s also a photo competition, if you think your dog knows how to poop with the best.

Many thanks to the Bored Panda for putting us on the scent of this one…

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