10 Tips for Kitten Proofing Your Home

Kittens fall asleep anywhere at home
Kitten asleep at home in shoe. Photo by ©Lara Crespo, Unsplash

Before your new kitten arrives at home, here are ten tips to ensure your house is as ready as possible!

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  1. Kittens are curious creatures

We’ve all heard the old saying when it comes to cats and curiosity. But, with a kitten, curiosity and discovery is more likely to end in precious items getting knocked off shelves. Before your kitten gets home, put all fragile valuables away.

  1. Careful with plants/food/cleaning products

Curiosity extends to a kitten’s culinary tastes too, so be careful about what food and household cleaning products you leave lying around. Did you know, for example, that chocolate, onion, garlic and grapes are all dangerous or even toxic for cats?

  1. Have a dedicated kitten space at home

Make sure your new kitten knows where their “place” is by choosing a spot in the house that’s a little out of the way, and filling it with a basket of lots of fun cat toys. This will become a safe space for your cat to retreat to and play in.

  1. Check for holes/escape hatches

Small, squiggly and super cute, kittens have a tendency to find and fit through the most unexpected places around the home. Before your cat arrives, do a thorough check that there are no hidden holes for them to escape through!

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  1. Hide wires and cords

Not only does your new kitty risk unplugging appliances by accident, but they also pose a serious safety risk. Use thick tape to cover loose wires and tuck them away where you can. Rubber covers can also be bought from electrical goods stores.

  1. Close doors to appliances

A kitten loves to explore a new home. Every inch of it! But all that exploring can get tiring and, just like that, your kitten has to take a nap. Dark places are the most inviting, but they can also be the most dangerous… so always make sure you close the door to any kitchen appliance, such as the washing machine, tumble-dryer or oven, to prevent a curious kitten from taking a snooze inside.

  1. Tie up or remove drapes and tablecloths

Anything that dangles is fair game, in a kitten’s eyes, for climbing. Which is why many people with a new kitten at home find their drapes and curtains quickly become ripped and shredded by tiny claws. Tablecloths, as well, can see all your precious china flying off the table as a certain kitten tries to climb up.

  1. A good scratch

A scratching post is one of the best tips we can give to new kitten owners! Otherwise you’ll find your furniture bears the brunt of kitty testing out their claws and having a good scratch-stretch.

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  1. Prevent kittens from balconies

Kittens are far more clumsy than cats, as they haven’t yet perfected their balancing skills. A balcony can be a dangerous place, therefore, with lots of distractions and potential noises that could spook your kitten and cause them to fall. Don’t take the risk until you cat is older (if you have to), and keep doors and windows onto the balcony closed.

  1. Hob watch for kittens at home

Many people own electric ovens these days, and the cooking hobs can be a real danger for curious kittens. Even when turned off, the hob can stay hot for several minutes, but doesn’t glow red in warning. To be sure your kitten won’t burn their little feet or whiskers, buy a hob cover – they are available for a variety of hob types and sizes.

Be totally prepared to welcome a cute new kitten into your home!

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Emily K is a freelance copywriter, journalist and translator based in France. In her spare time, when she's not running after her cheeky beagle, she can be found pedalling around the city on her bicycle.