Simon Cowell makes huge donation to help save 200 dogs and close meat farm

200 dogs saved by donation by Simon Cowell
Dog meat farm are common in South Korea. Photo ©Martin Haas. Shutterstock

Entertainment mogul Simon Cowell has made a large donation of $32.6K to save 200 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea.

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Simon Cowell’s donation for 200 dogs

He might be tough on contestants, but when it comes to animals, Simon Cowell has a soft spot. The no-nonsense judge from X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol (among others) gave a generous donation of $32.6K to help finance a dog rescue operation in South Korea.

200 dogs saved from neglect and no future

The 200 dogs that Simon Cowell’s donation helped to save were being kept in horrific conditions. A range of breeds, including poodles, Labradors and collies, were trapped in small, squalid cages. The dogs have all been flown to partner shelters across the world. Once they have passed medical tests and recovered from their ordeal, the dogs will be put up for adoption. Shelters from the UK, US, Canada and the Netherlands are all helping them find forever homes.

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Much more than a donation: public awareness

This closure is the 13th for animal welfare society Humane Society International. Simon Cowell’s donation was not merely a financial aid. Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Wendy Higgins, Director of International Media explained: “His support helped financially but also in raising awareness. We met people in South Korea who heard of his donation and it really had an impact,”

A new life for dog meat farm workers too

It wouldn’t be fair to save the 200 dogs and close down the meat farm without thinking of the local communities. As part of its mission, HSI also helps owners and workers of the farms find alternative livelihoods. The farm that Simon Cowell’s donation helped to shut, for example, is hopefully going to become a medicinal herb farm. Quite a change in direction!

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Best  of luck to all the 200 dogs whose lives have been saved.

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