Pitbull kept as a SEX SLAVE and repeatedly raped by its owner is rescued by animal rights activists

Neighbours alerted authorities when they discovered the sick owner forcing himself on the poor dog at a local park

A dog who was held as a sex slave and continuously sodomised by its owner has now been saved by animal rights activists.

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People in Salavat, Russia, alerted the cops when the sick man was seen openly raping his poor Pit Bull at a local park.



But when the police dismissed the calls, the worried neighbours called animal rights activists who took the dog when the depraved owner went out for a walk. They hurried the vulnerable hound to a vet.

The dog was taken care of by a thoughtful team of vets. The dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has gone through three operations after being diagnosed with critical internal injuries.

Veterinary doctor Aynur Makaev shared that he operated on the dog for about three hours and that his team had thought of putting him to sleep, but they chose to carry out the operation to see if the poor dog would recover.

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He shared: “The rectum had deformations which could have formed if it was stretched from the inside.”

Animal-rights activist Elena Zhdanova is now looking after the dog, who is now known as Ramzes, and she said he was doing very well.

She shared: “He is really getting better. He regained his appetite and finally managed to relieve himself as well.”

As shared by Zhdanova, when the video and pictures of the harmed dog went viral, the police arrested the previous owner.

However, prosecutors haven’t pressed charges against the man. In lieu, they’ve penalized him just £30 for offending public decency when he had sex with the dog in the open.

Another animal rights activist, Marina Yusupova, has begun a petition on a popular web platform, change.org, asking that the man who assaulted Ramzes be put in prison, before he gets another pet to sodomise.

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Currently more than 9,000 people have signed the petition.



The dog’s injuries were so critical that vets thought of humanely euthanizing him.

Ramzes is now recuperating in the loving home of an animal rights activist.