Goldie Was Bullied by a Pack of Dogs, but He Got the Best Revenge

It’s sad enough to find a dog wandering around without a home, but to find a dog like this is truly HEARTBREAKING!

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A pack of dogs had turned on Goldie, a homeless Golden Retriever, while he was roaming through a rural town in Texas. The pack attacked him and hurt him pretty badly, and no one knows why. He was so scared that he hid under a trailer home and would NOT come out. Animal officers arrived to help him but he was so scared that they had to drag him out. Poor thing!

Goldie was taken to Corsicana Animal Shelter, but he was in rough shape and really needed medical care. “He had wounds and gashes on every part of his body,” Stacy Silverstein, cofounder of Rescue Dogs NYC, told The Dodo.

Local volunteers with Rescue Dogs NYC heard about Goldie. They pulled him out of the shelter as soon as they could and took him right to an emergency vet. Goldie needed tons of stitches and I.V. antibiotics. Who knows if he even would’ve survived without the volunteers intervening!

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Goldie needed time to recover. He spent a few weeks convalescing in Texas and was then transferred to New York, where he took another two weeks to mend. By then, the injured dog had become another dog completely. His skin had healed and his fur had grown back nice and shiny. Best of all… Goldie had found his smile!

Now, all Goldie needed was his forever home but, oddly enough, no one offered to take him. So, the rescue group decided to plaster his cute face on social media. AND IT WORKED!

Goldie found a home with a friend of one of the volunteers who cared for him.

His new mom has two other animals, a dog and a cat. After Goldie’s ordeal, no one was certain if he would be okay around other animals. They just weren’t sure of the extent of his trauma. BUT…

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Goldie instantly bonded just fine with his entire new family. Now, he has a new name, too: Dakota. His nickname is Dak, after the quarterback, Dak Prescott.

If a dog like Dakota, with such a sad beginning, can find his happy ending, then ANYTHING is possible.