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Awesome dog names for your female Lab or male Lab.

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50 original Labrador names with meanings

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Naming a black Labrador, chocolate Lab or yellow Labrador Retriever can be challenging. This dog breed is fascinating and deserves the best name. Whether you are looking to find a name for your Labrador which will match its personality or its physical traits, you will get inspired with our list. Find the perfect name for your Labrador Retriever here!

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK and even in the world. And we can easily understand why: they are playful, happy and loyal. Not only do they have an amazing personality, they also come in various coat colours (yellow, chocolate and black). These cute animals want nothing more than to please you so why not please them with a great name (and treats of course)?

You just adopted or purchased a Labrador or a Labrador puppy, lucky you! This breed is a perfect addition to the family. But, you are probably racking your brain to find the perfect dog name for your Labrador. Well, good for you if you are reading this, as we have gathered awesome dog names for your female Lab or male Lab.

Yellow labrador, black lab and chocolat labrador retriever

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Female Labrador dog names with meanings

Choosing a name for a female dog can be challenging. A name is for the rest of your dog’s life so the pressure is on. You will probably want to pick a unique and cool name for your girl Labrador, so check out this list! We hope you will find inspiration.


The name Molly is a girl’s name of Hebrew origins and it means “bitter”. Molly has soft intonations and would suit a calm and sweet Labrador.


Jaya is derived from Sanskrit and it means “victory”. This name would be a good fit for an active Labrador girl who loves to be outdoors!


Willow is derived from the Medieval English word "wilwe" which is the Willow tree. It means “slender and graceful”, therefore it would suit a female dog with these attributes. 


The name Juno originates from the Latin word which means “youth”. Juno was an ancient Roman goddess, the queen of gods. She would protect and look after the women of Rome. If you have a protective Labrador in your hands, why not name her Juno?


Luna originates from the Latin word moon. This is a cute name for a yellow Labrador dog.


Sydney isn’t just a city in Australia, it is also derived from an Old English word meaning “wide meadow”. You could name your female Labrador Sydney if she is a city girl.


The name Cassie originated from Greece and it means “Purity; unheeded prophetess”. If your Labrador is very gentle and calm, this name is a perfect fit for her.


The name Coco means chocolate beans in American. Does your Labrador girl love to eat? Well Coco would be a good name for her.


Belle is a French name which means beautiful. Yes, all dogs are beautiful but why not name your dog Belle if she has a particular trait that makes her look unique?


Lola is a short form of the Spanish name Dolores, which means “sorrows”. The name Lola would suit a fun and joyful Labrador.

Unique Labrador names for a male dog with their meaning

Are you looking for the perfect male dog name for your Labrador Retriever? Look no more, we have gathered the 10 best boy Labrador names for you.


This English name means “strong as a bear”. This name would suit a big and chilled Labrador.


The origin of this name is Irish and it means “handsome”. Quite a cool name for a Labrador Retriever.


The name Bruno derives from the German word meaning brown. This would be a good name for a chocolate Labrador. 


If you are a fan of David Bowie why not pay homage to this legendary singer? Would definitely suit a Labrador who acts like a little diva.


This name’s origins are Irish and it means “sea warrior”. If you have a Labrador who loves playing in the water, that name would suit him. 


Hamish is an old-fashioned Scottish name which means “supplanter”. This beautiful and classic name would be a good fit for a handsome Labrador.


If you are a Simpsons fan, you will probably love this English name because of the cartoon character of Ralph Wiggum. Ralph means “wolf-counsel” and would be a good name for a quirky Labrador.


The name Merlin is a derived Welsh name. This magical name would be a good fit for a calm dog.


The name Hero was given in Ancient Greek which would be a good fit for a champion.


The name Beau is a French word which means beautiful. Of course, for every dog owner, their dog is the most beautiful dog in the world but if your Labrador has a particular trait, that name would suit him.

Best names for a chocolate Labrador


The name Axel means “Father of Peace” and originated from Scandinavia.


This English name is an adorable girl’s name. It is a short form of the name Josephine (a French name) who was inspired by the name Joseph, which means “God/Jehovah will increase”.


Kofi is an African name and it means “born on a Friday”.


This Italian name means “air”.


The Spanish and Greek name means “joy”. It is also the name of a star constellation that represents hunting dogs. 


The origin of this word is uncertain but some believe that this name was used for someone who lived by a plum tree. 


The name Joy derives from the French word which means happiness or delight.


The tango is a dancing style, but the origin of this word is uncertain. Nevertheless, the word Tango started being used to name a dance and musical gatherings of slaves in the region of the basin of River Plata. This name became popular very quickly.


Because who doesn’t like a muffin?


The name Otis originated from Old German and Old English and it means “wealth, son of Otto”. 

Cool names for a yellow Labrador Retriever


You probably all know the name Buzz because of the Disney character in Toy Story. But the meaning of this name is: “Village In The Woods”. 


Akira means “bright and intelligent” in Japanese.


Dakota isn’t only the name of a State in America, it is also a Native American name which means “friendly one”.


You probably know this name thanks to Princess Fiona in Shrek. This Scottish name means “white, fair”.


This English and also German name (not spelt the same way) is the name of a season.


Thor is the God of thunder, from Norse mythology.


The word moon originated in medieval times. Initially it was spelt mōna in Old English and this word shares its origins with the Latin words metri (to measure) and mensis (month). So, the moon is called that way because it is used to measure the months.


Leo is a latin word meaning “Lion”.


Milo was a name used in Old German and it means “gracious”.


Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or Prince Harry, you’ll be intrigued to know that the origin of the word is a medieval form of the name Henry, which in Germanic means “home”.

Black Labradors names with their meaning


Storm is an English name and, well, as the name suggests, means storm.


This name doesn’t have a clear origin but is popular thanks to the Oreo cookies.


The name Hugo derives from a Germanic name and it means “intellect”.  


This English name is derived from the word bird.


The name Poppy is derived from the name of a flower. 


Charlie is an English name which means “man”.


The English name Jack means God is Gracious.


Princess Leia is a famous character in the Star Wars movies and this name is an English form of Leah. The name in Hebrew means “weary”, in Assyrian it means “mistress” and in Latin it means “lioness”. 


The name Dinah means “God has judged” in Hebrew. It was used in the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.


Jude is of Latin origin and it means “praised”.

We hope with these different name suggestions you were able to find the perfect name for your Labrador. Whether you want to name your dog after its personality, its looks or just because you have found a name you absolutely adore, we are sure your dog will love its new name!

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