Watch: Cat’s touching reaction when he sees his soldier owner coming home after a few months

Ragdoll cat welcoming solder owner cat-happy © wildlimeyogi - Youtube

In most videos showing a reunion between a pet and its long-absent owner, the protagonist is a dog. But not today…

By Emilie Heyl

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Reputedly more independent and less exuberant, cats also know how to show their joy when they come together again with their human after a period of separation. This Ragdoll’s attitude is the best proof of this.

Returning home after a months-long deployment, a soldier gets a festive welcome from one of his cats. Named Finn, the cat let his joy explode when he opened the door. The whole scene was filmed by the soldier's girlfriend.

A very happy reunion

This adorable Ragdoll's attitude fits perfectly with the description of the breed's character, which is known for its boundless sweetness and affection.

In this touching scene filmed by Nick's girlfriend, a military man returning from a months-long deployment, is about to open the door to meet his eagerly awaiting family.

The video posted on Youtube shows Finn standing behind the door, realising that his human is there and meowing with anticipation. As time passes, his meowing becomes more insistent as he looks towards the door.

A big jump to get a big hug

Nick ends the suspense. He finally makes his entrance, drops his stuff and Finn jumps into his arms to get a huge hug that he had been deprived of for so long.

The couple's other cat, a Siamese named Boo, appears briefly in the sequence. He is, one imagines, just as delighted to see the soldier again, even if he is less demonstrative than his fellow cat.

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