Emaciated Dogue de Bordeaux in Essex, UK
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"Painfully skinny" Dogue de Bordeaux found in Essex: RSPCA launch investigation

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Emma Fowler was left in shock after finding an emaciated dog huddled in her driveway. Now the RSPCA are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. 

The day started out much like any other for local Boxted resident Emma Fowler, who was making her way to the car when she spotted a skinny, sad figure cowering on her driveway. 

Carefully approaching, she quickly realised the dog was in desperate need of help. 

An emergency visit

Emma rushed the Dogue de Bordeaux to her local vet practice. The poor pup was clearly starving, raising concerns she had not been properly looked after for some time. 

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"She was so sweet once she realised we were friends" explained Emma when asked how the dog reacted to her help.

Weighing around 25kg less than would be expected of her breed, vets immediately alerted the RSPCA. The dog's microchip revealed her name was Roxy, and shockingly, she was registered to a property in the area. On talking to Roxy's original family, however, things weren't quite as clear as they seemed. 

Sad circumstances, new beginnings

It turned out that Roxy had been re-homed in 2023, as her original family were no longer able to keep her. 

"You can see all of her bones and every single rib. She is just skin and bone", wrote RSPCA investigator Nicky Thorne. "It has clearly taken a significant amount of time to get her into this state, so I suspect she has been seriously neglected. I just want some answers". 

Nicky has now launched an appeal, imploring those that know Roxy or her owner to come forward. At present, the investigation continues. 

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