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Here are 8 fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday!

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8 fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday

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Nothing is too good for your dog! Given the happiness they bring to the whole household, it's only natural to treat them in return, especially on their birthday. Here are 8 ideas to make your dog's birthday a special day!

Big or small, dogs are everything to us!  Yes, we make it a point of honour that they are part of our family and they give it back so well! Except when they empty the bin, but nobody is perfect… So on their birthday, or the day we adopted them, we want to stay at home with them and give them loads of kisses (more than usual)! We'd give them so many kisses that they'd get tired of us... Do you think we're overdoing it? A bit, but we're all a bit crazy when it comes to our dog, aren't we?

Is your dog a bit like your child? So what could be more natural than to celebrate your dog's birthday in style! When we talk about your dog's birthday, we are talking about a special day for your dog. It's up to you to decide what's best for your dog, because all dogs are different. Here are some ideas on how to make this special day an opportunity to show your furry best friend how happy you are that they have entered this world, and your life.

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What should I do for my dog's birthday?

Time flies, not so long ago a dog or puppy came into your life and changed it completely. It is good to enjoy every moment of life with your four-legged friend by your side. Your dog shows unconditional love and loyalty to your family. So it's only right that you return the favour on a daily basis, but also on special occasions such as their birthday. A dog’s birthday is an occasion to celebrate and to be happy, it is also a moment among others to share a fun day.

If you don't know what to do to make this day memorable, don't worry. We’ve prepared a list of 8 fun things you can do with your furry best friend on this special day.

Throw your dog a birthday party!

First of all, it's your dog's birthday, but let's be honest, he's not quite aware of it. So take advantage of this pretext to celebrate and invite your friends! If your pet is sociable, he'll love the attention he will get that day.

Neighbours, friends, family - everyone with (or without) a dog should come along! While you chat with your guests, your four-legged friend will be happy to go and play with his friends, or to be petted by all those who love him.

Invite your dog’s best friends!

Your dog has many canine friends, whom he meets on his walks in the neighbourhood? What if you organised a doggy date for his birthday, so that he can play with his friends and let off steam?

Give your dog his favourite treats on his birthday

Birthdays are all about pleasing, right? Well why not please your dog to his absolutely favourite treat. A nice rib steak, minced meat, chicken breast, beef steak, in short, anything your dog has been looking forward to all year will be in his bowl that day!

Now, with that being said, be careful with the doses, as your dog's stomach is fragile and the change in eating habits could upset it.

If you have time and really want to treat your dog, you could make treats for him yourself. Especially if you have guests, not only will your furry best friend be happy but his friends as well. Here is a list of homemade dog treats you could do for your dog on his special day:

Wrap your dog's birthday presents

If there's one thing all dogs love from their very first days, it's to destroy things. But they've always been taught not to do it. So for his birthday, you can make an effort. Buy your pooch a bone, a new toy that makes a lot of noise, a soft cushion, a nice collar (that's more for your own pleasure). Wrap up your dog's birthday presents as much as possible with lots of paper and/or boxes and let him have a great time ripping open the wrapping himself.

Prepare a homemade birthday cake or pupcakes 

To celebrate your dog’s birthday, you can also bake a birthday cake. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Even if you have to spend some time in the kitchen to make a cake, it's worth the effort! There are several advantages to making your own dog cake for your pet. Most importantly, you know what's in it! This is a great advantage, especially if your dog has food intolerances or allergies. Also, a dog cake that you have made yourself does not contain any chemical additives, so it is relatively healthy for your dog.

Most of the time, any ingredient that your dog can tolerate can be used to make a dog cake. Many dog cake recipes contain flour or oatmeal, cream cheese, eggs, meat or fruit and vegetables. For your dog's health, do not use sugar when making dog cake. Fruits such as bananas and berries provide a sufficient sweetness. Note: Chocolate and raisins are toxic to dogs and should be avoided. You don't need any special kitchen equipment to make a dog cake. A hand mixer, a few bowls, baking tins, a baking tray (and of course an oven) is all you need. Beware of lactose: many adult dogs are lactose intolerant. As a precautionary measure, use lactose-free dairy products.

Many dog owners enjoy baking delicious dog cakes for their four-legged friends. A dog cake is a great birthday present, but it will also please your friend and family’s dogs.

Looking for inspiration? Here is a delicious recipe for peanut butter banana pupcakes. Yum! And if you want to go the extra mile, we have a tasty recipe to make peanut butter banana ice cream.

Take your dog on a really long walk or on his favourite activity 

Is your dog's favourite thing to do is to go for a walk with you? Then on his special day you should take him on a super long and fun walk. Why not explore a forest ? Or go on a hike? You could also choose a park where dogs are allowed to run free.

Does your dog enjoy swimming? Why not take your furry best friend for a nice swim in a lake? If you feel brave enough and it isn’t too cold outside, you could even join him swimming, we are sure your pooch would love that.

Pamper your dog

There are plenty of ways to pamper your dog: You could take him to the groomers, to a dog masseur, cuddle with him more than usual or even take him to a dog restaurant. The choice is yours, but if you are struggling to find the best way to pamper your dog, here are a few ideas:

Longer cuddling sessions 

Although not all dogs do, most of them enjoy being petted and getting kisses. A birthday can be a good opportunity to treat your dog to a longer than usual cuddle or several cuddle sessions during the day, if he likes physical contact. However, to ensure that your dog enjoys the cuddle, it is important to stroke him in the right way, concentrating on the areas behind his ears, on his shoulders, neck or chest, and avoiding his paws and the top of his head. You should also be alert to signs that the dog is tired of being petted, or even that he doesn't appreciate it (yawning, licking his nose, looking away, etc.) and stop immediately. Finally, it is best to avoid hugging your dog, as these gestures are not appreciated by dogs.

Take your dog to the groomer

Most dogs like to be pampered and looked after. A birthday can be an opportunity to make them look good by taking them to a dog groomer. Brushing, washing, trimming... The professional takes care of everything.

Of course, some dogs don't feel comfortable with a groomer and see bathing and other treatments as a chore. And not all dogs need a lot of attention (especially short-haired dogs, which are very low-maintenance). However, for the others, an occasional grooming never hurts. It's even necessary for some breeds, such as long-haired dogs like Bichons and Yorkies, whose coats need regular trimming and grooming to stay as beautiful as the day they were born. A birthday can be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Take your dog to a dog masseur

It's not just humans who enjoy massages: pets do too! As with humans, massaging a dog feels good, as well as potentially reducing stress, tension and pain.

Therefore, if you have a companion who is receptive to this exercise and if his health allows it, a nice birthday present to give your pet could be to take him to a dog masseur. The masseur is a specialist in this field and knows how to manipulate the dog in the right places to make him feel good. The masseurs usually receive their "patients" directly in their offices, but some of them come to your home if necessary.

Of course, it is also possible to massage your companion yourself, if you know how to do it. If you don't know how to do it, it's best to call in a professional so as not to risk upsetting your pet or even hurting him with inappropriate manipulations - especially on his birthday.

Take your dog to a dog restaurant

In many places, dogs are not allowed in restaurants or other similar establishments (cafes, bars, pubs, etc.). And even when they are, they are rarely allowed to eat there and must just wait quietly while their owner eats.

However, a new concept has recently emerged: dog-friendly restaurants that allow dogs to have a real meal as if they were customers in their own right. A serious restaurant is supposed to offer meals that meet the dietary requirements of dogs, i.e. consisting largely of meat and other animal products, although fruit and vegetables may of course be present.

Such establishments are not yet widespread, but if you have one close to your home, a birthday party can be an opportunity to try out this new concept and share a pleasant moment with your pet.

Take your dog shopping 

Do you want to make sure that the gifts you buy your furry best friend will please him? Then take him to a pet shop, so he can choose what he wants himself. Be careful, however, that he doesn't raid the candy aisle! Some pet shops do not accept dogs, so make sure you ask before you go.

After a birthday like that, your dog will be the happiest of dogs! Can't wait for his next birthday!

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