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The best dog breeds to match your lifestyle

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If you're thinking about getting a dog, it’s crucial you get the right one. Your choice will depend on how much space you have, if you have small children, or if you've ever owned a dog before. So here are a few tips on the best dogs breeds for your lifestyle. 

Best dogs for families with small children

Dr Sean McCormack is a Veterinarian and dog expert from He recommends the following breeds for families with young kids:

Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are ideal for families with small children. They’re a playful, energetic, and gentle breed. They’re also fairly low capacitance and won't take up too much space in a family home.

King Charles Spaniels are fun and friendly©Pixabay


Boxers are full of personality and will be a welcome addition to any family. They’re highly sociable and especially playful around young children. A boxer is a high-energy so it will need a bit more exercise other family dog breeds.

Boxers are very playful©Pixabay

Labrador Retriever

A very intelligent breed, Labrador retrievers are also friendly, loving, and very trainable. With the right training, they’ll quickly adapt to a new environment. Like boxers, Labradors are very sociable so they'll need a lot of attention and stimulation.

Labradors are great for families with small kids©Pixabay

Bichon Frise

A chilled out little dog who doesn't need to much exercise, the Bichon Frise will suit a busy family with small children or families living in smaller houses. They can be pretty stubborn, so you'll need to establish some ground rules early on - and make sure you stick to them!

The Bichon Frise is a low maintenance breed ©Pixabay


Poodles come in all different shapes and sizes so get one that fits with your lifestyle and the amount of space you have. From toy to miniature to standard, poodles are always friendly and gentle companions. Beware, some can shed quite heavily and require regular grooming sessions.

Poodles come in all shape and sizes©Pixabay

Best dogs for people who work all day

While all dogs need love and attention, some are more independent than others. Here's a list of dogs suitable for people with a 9-5 routine:


This might seem like a strange choice, but unless they’re running around at top speed, greyhounds spend most of their time sleeping. Ex-racing greyhounds are very independent and are comfortable spending time on their own. Just make sure you take them for one good walk, and you'll have a very happy pooch on your hands.

Greyhounds are very independent©Pixabay


This laid-back breed is happy to stay at home while you are away because they spend most of the day snoozing. Because of its placid nature, they're unlikely to do any damage around the house. Their little legs don't need much walking, but their curly coat soon becomes matted if it isn't trimmed on a regular basis.

Maltese dogs don't need much exercise©Pixabay


If you’re looking for a tiny dog but you are at work all day then the chihuahua is a great choice. Weighing less than 7 pounds, Chihuahuas have no need for long regular walks. And because they’re so small, looking after two of them is just as easy as caring for one. Plus it makes it easier to leave them alone during working hours.

Chihuahua's don't take up much space©Pixabay

Basset hound

The basset hound is a really low maintenance breed perfect for busy people. They'll have a little nose around the house during the day but they're more likely to spend most of the day napping. But they are prone to certain medical conditions, especially obesity - so keep an eye on their diet.

Basset Hounds spend a lot of time sleeping©Pixabay

Shar Pei

A low energy type with a very cute face, Shar-peis are great for people living the 9-5 life. They're also one of the more unusual breeds and have a very distinct wrinkly appearance. But Shar-peis aren't cheap. Most of them are imported and they're likely to set you back anywhere between £755-950.

Shar Peis are quite expensive dogs©Pixabay

Best dogs for first-time owners

If you've never owned a dog before, it's important to pick one that matches your lifestyle. You don't want anything that’s going to be too much of a challenge, so you're looking for a  dog with a calm temperament that is easy to train. The following breeds fit the bill:

English springer spaniel

The English springer spaniel is a happy and energetic dog that responds really well to new environments. They playful and enthusiastic, meaning they fairly easy to train - even for beginners.

Springer Spaniels are easy to train©Pixabay

Cocker spaniel

Slightly smaller than the springer spaniel, cocker spaniels are a little bit more laid back. They still need plenty of exercises, but after that, they'll spend most of their time relaxing around the house. They're also very friendly towards children and other dogs.

Cocker spaniels are great for first-time owners©Pixabay

Staffordshire bull terrier

One of the UK's most popular dogs, “staffies” are calm, quiet, and extremely loyal little companions. They require a moderate amount of exercise but training them is unlikely to be too much of problem for the first time dog owner.

"Staffies" make very loyal pets©Pixabay


Best described as a mini greyhound, whippets make an excellent first-time dog. They're low maintenance, calm and gentle around the house. Just make sure to give them a good run at least once a day.

Whippets are good for inexperienced dog owners©Pixabay

As you can see, there's a type of dog for every kind of lifestyle. Just make sure you pick a breed that suits you. Some dogs can live up to 15 years so picking the right one is crucial. Think carefully, and try not to let your emotions make any decisions. No matter how cute the dog might be, it might not be the practical choice. Pick a dog that fits into your lifestyle instead. This way you'll be able to give your new dog exactly what it needs without disrupting your routine or environment.

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