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6 dog breeds with the best temperament

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6 dogs with the best temperament

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The temperament of a dog is one of the most important factors when choosing a new companion. Let’s find out 6 dog breeds with the best temperament.

A dog’s temperament is the underlying nature or personality/character of the dog itself. The temperament of a dog will define how the animal interacts with its environment, its peers, the activities it enjoys and its training.

It isn’t easy to define the temperament a dog will have when the animal is born, but we can predict a lot of the personality traits of a puppy based on their breed. Indeed, a Border Collie will be characterised to an energetic dog, the Labrador to an intelligent dog and the Jack Russell to high prey driven.

But this isn’t always the case, the temperament of a dog will also be highly influenced by its education, sociabilisation and interactions with humans and other animals.

Dog temperament: What are the different temperaments in a dog?

The temperament of the dog varies between breeds but on the whole a well-rounded, well-socialised dog exhibits the same gentle, affectionate and loyal persuasions as others similarly well brought up.

There are many different temperaments a dog could have:

  • Prey drive
  • Aggression
  • Protectiveness
  • Confidence
  • Friendliness
  • Stability
  • Pack hierarchy
  • Intelligence

The quality of these traits is often predictable by the breed, the education and socialisation. However, should a dog be maltreated, kept confined or abandoned they tolerance, trust and natural disposition are tested.

Which breed of dog has the best temperament?

All dogs are wonderful, there is no denying that! And in the eyes of an owner, their dog has the best temperament. So, this question is very subjective. As we said earlier, the temperament of a dog not only depends on the breed’s characteristics, but also on the education, socialisation and life experience your dog received.

We have listed 6 dog breeds who for us have the best temperament. And believe us, it was difficult to pick 6, because for Wamiz, all dogs are the best!

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever ©Shutterstock

Not only is the Golden Retriever good looking, he’s very intelligent, extremely sociable and loyal. No wonder he is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Originally bred to retrieve ducks and fowl animals, this active dog needs a lot of exercise. On top of that, the Golden Retriever also needs to be stimulated intellectually and loves learning new tricks. This means, this friendly dog is easy to train. This dog breed absolutely loves feeling involved in family activities, making him a great companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles ©Shutterstock

We know the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be a great companion, in fact, he was initially bred to keep company to royalty and nobility. With that being said, the Cavalier King Charles will gladly appreciate flushing a bird and try to retrieve it, this is because he has a sporty nature. In fact, the Cavalier King Charles loves dog sports such as agility. It is quite easy to train this dog because of its intelligence and its eagerness to learn. The Cavalier King Charles has a sweet personality and gets on well with children. They are an excellent addition to the family.

Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard ©Shutterstock

The Saint Bernard was originally bred in Switzerland to guard the monks of the Grand Saint-Bernard hospice. Monks would use this dog breed for search and rescue missions in the mountains also. Actually, this role is still accurate, even though the St.Bernard has found a lovely place as a family member. They are extremely affectionate with everyone, gentle and patient. These gentle giants love playing with kids, but have to be vigilant sometimes not to accidentally knock a child over because of their big size. The St.Bernard doesn’t need much exercise and is very easy to train.

Labrador retriever

The Labrador ©Shutterstock

The Labrador retriever is also one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This might be because of its good-natured temperament, its friendly face and intelligence. Originally, the Labrador was bred to help fishermen hauling nets, fetching ropes and retrieving fishes. Thanks to its origins, the Labrador is an excellent swimmer and loves to exercise. This intelligent and affectionate dog is easy to train and enjoys learning new tricks. The sweet-nature Labrador is an excellent companion.


The English Bulldog ©Shutterstock

Despite its history the Bulldog is not prey driven. In fact, the well-adjusted bulldog exhibits no signs of aggression unless she herself is baited beyond her famed tolerance. She is no more a guard dog than a Poodle nor renowned for her supreme intelligence. However, this makes the Bulldog a stable and undemanding dog. She is mild-mannered around children and other dogs, and her docile nature allows her to slot in perfectly among a family pecking order. The Bulldog is a dog with one of the best temperaments.


The Beagle ©Shutterstock

The Beagle’s hound heritage has given this dog a lust for the outdoors. Their nose is finely tuned to the scents of other dogs and wild animals, and they may have a tendency to follow such a scent to the ends of the earth. The Beagle is however a dog with a good temperament and trustworthy, and with substantial training this pooch can learn the recall command. The Beagle’s aloofness often means that it can make do without interaction with the family as long as its exercise needs are met. Games are a big love for the beagle and they cement to bond with the rest of the family. Beagles have a tendency to bark and howl at virtually anything.

How can you be sure that a dog has the best temperament? To take the puppy’s temperament as a guide can help because some pedigrees (having been bred over the years) have predictable traits. To look for a dog with a good temperament may therefore lead you to choose a purebred of the kind of character well-documented by its breeders. If in doubt, you should talk to breeders or to others who have a dog and ask them questions about its temperament.

However, there are plenty of dogs in rescue centres, looking for their forever homes. Some might need patience and others are well behaved. Whatever the reasons they are in shelters, it’s important to discuss their temperament with the manager or employees of the rescue, as they will know best.

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The temperament of a dog is one of the most important factors to take into consideration, and it goes beyond looks. You want your furry friend to be confident, happy, sociable, active, etc. and for that to happen, the key is a good and balanced education, an early socialisation and love.

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