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Calm dog breeds that make the coolest friend

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Calm dogs make a special kind of companion. If you live in a small space, if you’re not too mobile yourself, or your kids are kind of fragile, a ‘cool’ pet can be a good choice. Just don’t call him lazy!

There are plenty of good reasons for opting for calm dog breeds. Maybe you’re nervous in public and don’t want to deal with too many interactions. Or maybe you have other pets who will appreciate more mellow company around the home. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest dogs on the block.

Calm dog countdown

Many different types of dog are known for being calm. Calm small dog breeds are sometimes the fragile type – they just want to stay out of the way. Calm medium-sized dog breeds, or larger ones, wish to avoid too much heavy-winded action.

Calm dog breed #8: the Spinoni Italiani

The Spinoni ©Pixabay

This handsome Italian may be a hunter, but he won’t demand too much exercise. Known for its sweet, patient persona, the spinone will want to hang out with you and your family. However, he won’t ask too much of you while he does so – just being together is grand!

Calm dog breed #7: the Chow Chow

The Chow chow ©Pixabay

Dogs don’t come much cooler than this snowball. The chow chow is a mid-sized dog with deep-set eyes and a cat-like sense of personal hygiene. He’ll love you deeply, but won’t trouble strangers. He’s a refined and peaceful dude with few signs of ferocity.

Calm dog breed #6: the French bulldog

The French bulldog ©Pixabay

Known as an apartment dog because she’s small, quiet, and sophisticated, the French bulldog is a cheerful dog who loves to play without demanding too much exercise. She only becomes riled when defending her owner, so she makes a surprisingly good guard dog for the single, flat-dwelling dog-lover!

Calm dog breed #5: the Newfoundland

The Newfoundland ©Pixabay

Some calm breeds just want to curl up on the sofa. Others believe they are the sofa. The ‘newfie’ is such a gentle giant that she falls into the latter category. The newfie is a loyal companion who loves to cuddle in the evenings. Yes, she’ll need a bit of a run in the day, but not for too long – things get pretty hot under that warm coat. Her thick hair and droopy eyes ooze, “take it easy.” If you have space in your home, you’ll find room in your heart for the Newfoundland.

Calm dog breed #4: the Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff ©Shutterstock

With a name like that, how could this dog be anything less than a gentleman or gentlelady? Yes, he’s a bit of a whopper if you have small children, but if your kids have long left home it can be reassuring to have this quietly vigilant guard dog on duty. The Neapolitan mastiff is an intelligent dog, which is fine for a calm afternoon drinking tea and watching the world go by. Just don’t expect any help with your crossword. He’s clever, but he’s quiet.

Calm dog breed #3: the Rough Collie

The Rough Collie©Pixabay

An excellent cool character for a young family, the rough collie looks drawn to perfection. He’s gentle, and quick to learn. And of course, he’s a herder, which means he’s great at remaining sensible in groups.

Calm dog breed #2: the Borzoi

The Borzoi ©Pixabay

The borzoi looks regal, and it’s all true. Although she’s a hunting dog, she is not into busy atmospheres, fast movements, or rough handling. This means she can be an ideal companion for an older owner who likes to take their time. Your borzoi shouldn’t trouble other people and dogs on the street for attention, but she’ll give you all the love you need. And she looks great resting by the fireplace.

Calm dog breed #1: the Basset Hound

The Basset Hound ©Pixabay

They called him ‘Droopy’ for a reason. The basset hound is as laid-back as he looks. But his dreamy nature doesn’t prevent him cultivating a whole lot of love for his host family. Children and all. Your basset hound will need exercise, but the onus is on you to force him up and out! The good news is that it means this cool character will work to your personal loafing schedule.

With so many cool dogs to choose from, ultimately you must follow your heart. But hey, take it easy, chill out! The answer will come to you in its own good time - just like your calm dog.

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