Witness sees someone throw rag into bin; is shocked to find out what it really is

Dog covered in matted fur dog-angry © Tri-County Humane - Facebook

Rescue workers shared horror photos of a Shih Tzu found in a dumpster. They think it was used in forced breeding, then tossed away like rubbish.

By Ashley Murphy

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Veterinary staffers at the Tri-County Humane animal rescue in Boca Raton, Florida, couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Parker the Shih Tzu. The poor pup was covered in dirty matted hair, infested with maggots, and had painful-looking sores all over her little body.

She'd been found in a large dumpster down a back alley after a tip-off from the public. A witness saw someone throw Parker over a fence into the bin and then drive away. How could anybody do that?

Who could do this?

Staff at the rescue centre took photos of Parker and shared them on Facebook. They hope publishing this story will help identify the person responsible and raise awareness of the terrible things some dogs go through.

"'Her hair was cemented to her skin, her nails so long they were wrapped around her paws and wounds so old they were filled with maggots," the staff of Tri-County Humane said on their Facebook page. "The smell is something I will never forget." 

Vets spent over two hours trimming Parker's dense fur. They then got to work on the dog's wounds and tackling the maggot infestation. When Parker went to sleep that night, many of the team didn't think she'd wake up again. But Parker did.

After a closer examination, vets saw evidence that Parker had produced several litters of puppies. She was likely thrown away by breeders who didn't think Parker could carry more.  

The recovery begins

Parker has a long road to recovery ahead of her. But this little fighter is already showing signs that she won't give up. Parker recently took her first steps and is now enjoying gentle daily walks on the grass around the shelter. 

And with the proper care and love, which she's getting every day now, staff are confident that Parker will be available for adoption by September. 



What is everyone having for breakfast?! Parker chose Watermelon! What do your pets love having?

Posted by Tri-County Humane on Monday, June 27, 2022

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