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Dog guides its owner to hedge, saving a life in the nick of time (video)

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This story is what we call a fatal encounter. A dog knew something was going on in an hegde and would not move until his owner had a look.

It all started in 2013: a beautiful black dog named Opie and his human were going for a walk when the dog heard a faint noise coming from a bush.

When his owner tried to get him to pick up her pace, Opie refused to move forward and froze in front of that hedge, as if he wanted to tell his owner something.

What was in that hedge?

Opie’s owner decided to go and look in the bushes. She was curious to know why her dog was refusing to move any further.

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After a serious search, she found a black-and-white kitten who was only a few days old and had the umbilical cord still attached. The kitten was so tiny that it could fit in one hand. Unfortunately, it was in very poor condition.

Opie, for his part, would not stop mooing. His owner took off her shirt, wrapped the kitten in it and took him home.

The kitten, who was only two days old, was very weak. After a nice bath, Opie's family took him to the vet, where he was thoroughly examined.

An incredible friendship

The family decided to keep the kitten and named him Roscoe. He was fed with a syringe and gradually regained his strength. After two weeks, he opened his little eyes!

Day after day, Roscoe made many friends, but his favourite was obviously Opie. After a year, they became best friends, inseparable.

Today, Roscoe is a big and beautiful cat and, above all, in great shape. All thanks to Opie, who stubbornly wanted to save his life!

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