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Owner stunned when her cat brings home the most unexpected present yet (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Cats are well-known for bringing home ‘gifts’ for their owners. But this owner never expected a gift quite like the one her pet brought home.

In late February, a woman named Amaya was stunned when her black cat, BC, brought home an unexpected ‘gift’.

The sweetest gift

The cat carried its prize in his mouth and deposited it inside the house. At first, Amaya thought it was a huge rat, but as she got closer, she realised it was nothing of the sort!

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In fact, BC had brought home a tiny little puppy! The pup had clearly been neglected and was in dire need of TLC. It was as if BC had realised this and taken it upon himself to take him home, where he knew Amaya would care for him properly. 

A new life

Amaya later found out that the puppy came from one of the neighbours’ homes, but they weren’t interested in getting him back, so Amaya decided to keep him.

Since then, the pup has been named Peco and has become an integral part of Amaya’s family. His best friend is BC the cat because, let’s face it, without him, Peco would’ve never found his forever home!

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