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Dog gets stuck in rabbit hole: Rescuer's method to get her out stuns everyone

dog stuck inside rabbit hole dog-wow © Bracken Jelier - Facebook

There’s nothing more stressful than having a pet who runs off and doesn’t come back. Thankfully, this dog owner knew who to go to for help.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the

Bracken Jelier posted a desperate call for help on Facebook when her dog, Flossie, went missing for over 24 hours.

Bracken suspected that Flossie, being a terrier, had found a rabbit hole, ventured into it, and was now stuck inside. But the question was - which rabbit hole? There were hundreds around her Devon neighbourhood!

Earth dogs to the rescue

With the help of some underground cameras, Bracken and her partner started to go to every rabbit hole they coud find. They stopped and called at every hole, lowering the camera inside in the hopes that they would catch a glimpse of their beloved Flossie, but to no avail.

After Flossie had been missing for over two days, Bracken was contacted by a man who owned what he called « earth dogs ». These were in fact two Jack Russells, named Major and Misty, who were specially trained to go down rabbit holes and find lost dogs! Equipped with trackers, it was impossible to lose them too.

Finally reunited

And just a few hours after Major and Misty joined the search team, Bracken got a call from one of her neighbours who claimed to hear barking coming from a hole in a nearby field. Once the earth dogs had located the exact hole, the humans started to dig. And within a few minutes, Flossie’s little face appeared from beneath the dirt! 

After 56 hours missing, the little dog was finally pulled out of the ground and placed back in her mum’s arms. It was a tear-wrenching moment to be certain. 


SHE’S BEEN FOUND!!! We are over the moon to say that Flossie has been found. It’s a very long story with some unbelievable coincidences that lead to her being discovered after 56 hours buried underground. We are incredibly pleased to have her home and other than being a little dehydrated and underweight she is absolutely fine. Thank you to Charlie Llewellyn for putting her friend in touch with us. Thank you to Tom Leary for being our hero, along with Major and Misty the Jack Russells ❤️

Posted by Bracken Jelier on Thursday, April 28, 2022

Despite being a little underweight, Flossie is perfectly healthy and has settled back into her home. Hopefully she won’t go exploring more rabbit holes anytime soon!

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