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Family shocked when they discover what their neighbours have on their balcony

An image of Coco, left to rot in his own home dog-sad
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A dog that was already bereaved after his long-term owner died became the unwanted chattel of the deceased’s relatives. It took a miracle to save his life.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 19/09/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Old English Sheepdog Coco had lived with his owner in Novosibirsk, Russia since puppyhood. But just a few months ago the owner died leaving the house, and Coco, to his relatives. 

The man’s family quickly moved into the house but took no care of Coco and more or less abandoned him to one room. It was here that Coco lived for 12 months. He did not go out, nor was he granted the basic affection and care so needed of a dog. 

Left to die

Quickly Coco became emaciated and covered in his own filth. The dog was fed with scraps of food but otherwise was forgotten about. 

It was not until a new family moved into a house next door that Coco’s luck changed. The neighbours soon noticed how poorly Coco was being cared for and called a local animal charity to voice their concerns. 

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Volunteers from the charity quickly arrived to rescue Coco: by that time, unrecognisable as a dog, let alone the proud and ancient breed to which he belonged. 

Uncovering the truth

At a local veterinary centre, vets and other workers took to removing the matted, stinking fur that covered the poor dog's body. After three hours the beautiful dog was revealed, but his body was covered in sores and scars from a year of neglect. 

In due course Coco, with wounds healing, was put up for adoption. It was not long before local resident Elena Rivvo announced her want to adopt Coco, and she has since adopted the lucky dog. Although he is still recovering from his ordeal, Coco has a new lease of life, and is happy to have found his forever home.