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Watch: Grieving dad who didn’t want new dog is now the sweetest owner

man tucking mixed breed dog into bed dog-happy
© alicegrgl - TikTok

A father who claimed he didn’t want a new dog has been well and truly won over by his daughter’s gorgeous new pup and now the pair have the sweetest bond!

By Natasha James

Published on the 06/08/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

A sad loss

When Alice Garrido Gallardo suggested getting a new dog, her father point-blank refused. Gallardo’s dad was still grieving the loss of his beloved pooch and couldn’t imagine making room in his life for another dog. Alice though, was not to be deterred.

A friend of hers had rescued a Labrador cross who desperately needed a loving home. And, having met the dog, who she named Jean Grey after the popular Marvel character, Alice decided she would be the perfect pup to fill the hole left by their old dog.

Gallardo told online pet website, The Dodo, that her dad,“fell in love the day I brought her home.”

A special connection

As time went on, he formed a super close bond with the dog and Alice recently filmed a short video for TikTok which shows the incredible relationship the two have.

The very sweet video shows Mr Gallardo gently wrapping the pup in a blanket. The pooch looks at him with love in her eyes as he gently places a pillow under her head.

But he’s not done! The mixed breed looks at him as if to say “you’ve forgotten something, pop” before the man tenderly places a soft toy on the pillow next to her. After the routine is complete, the pup settles down for a night of slumber.

A cuter video you won’t see today! Watch it here:


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