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People walk past McDonald's dumpster and are horrified at what they see

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Clients of a McDonald's restaurant in Northern California were left shocked at what they found in one of the dumpsters.

The Sacramento SPCA was called after kind Samaritans found two tiny puppies in a crate which had been thrown inside of a dumpster outside a McDonald's restaurant.

Dumpster puppy on the road to recovery

Both puppies were terrified, freezing, and very sick. They were rushed to the animal hospital, but unfortunately, one of the puppies didn't make it.

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The other one however, began to recover after receiving lots of medical attention and tender loving care. Her severe case of mange had caused her to lose her fur coat, so shelter staff provided her with lots of cute knitted sweaters to keep her warm until it grew back.

A second chance at life

Soon, she was placed into a foster home where her canine sibling taught her all the ins and outs of being a house pet. The tiny pup was named Poptart. A fitting name for such a cute puppy. 

Thanks to the help of her rescuers, shelter staff, and her foster family, she's got an incredible second chance at life!

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