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Dog astrology: What does your dog's zodiac sign says about its personality.

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Your dog’s zodiac sign: What does it say about them?

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Every dog is unique, but have you ever thought about why your dog’s personality is the way it is?

The way you raised your dog and what breed your dog is definitely has its part to play. However, your furry family member may still have traits or mannerisms that you can’t explain.

Turning to the stars to glimpse into the doggy Zodiac is our best bet for explaining your dog’s phenomenal attitudes. For those who have dogs, you need to know your dog’s birthday. That way, you can celebrate it properly with their unique astrological quirks in mind.

What do your dog’s zodiac signs mean?

Mostly, this dog Zodiac is just for fun. You can use it as a conversation starter or icebreaker. Share it with your loved ones or family. 

Of the many types of astrology, natal astrology is a relatively common type. Natal astrology is telling a person’s future or traits through their birth date. Take a look at the list below and see if your dog’s unexplained personality matches their sign!

Aries Dog: Born March 21 to April 19

Aries are adventurously optimistic and full of energy. How could they not be? Their ruling planet is Mars. They’re so full of courage and energy that it’s almost a fault.

Aries dogs are the kind of dogs that chase squirrels up the tree. No matter how late in the day it is, they’ll never give up. They will also bravely defend you from all manner of dangers, like the mailman.

With a can-do attitude, it’s best to keep your Aries dog neutered or microchipped. Aries dogs are particularly prone to wandering, so you’ll want to avoid them getting lost. Or mating with other random dogs they meet!

Taurus Dog: Born April 20 to May 20

Has your dog ever just plopped down and “decided” that the walk is over? That’s a Taurus dog for you. Taurus as a sign is notorious for stubbornness like their namesake, the bull. It’s key to remember that it’s their way or the highway.

Taurus dogs are also rather indulgent, whether it’s table scraps your toddler is dropping or nice dog toys. If you don’t watch them, they’ll get too fat! So get them plenty of walking and exercise to balance out any indulgent binging on their part. Indulgence aside, they’re incredibly loyal and loving companions.

Gemini Dog: Born May 21 to June 20

Is your dog happy and playful one minute, then sulking the next? If they play then withdraw like this, congratulations. Your dog’s probably a Gemini.

Per the twin nature of the Gemini sign, those born under it get flak for their alleged dual personalities. Naturally, despite this, Gemini dogs are incredible pets. Even the most stand-offish guest can’t withstand their Gemini charm. An erratic and quirky temperament is worth their magnetism for sure.

Cancer Dog: Born June 21 to July 22

The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, and Cancer is famous for a nurturing and maternal personality. Cancer dogs are cuddly and loving by nature, making them extremely sensitive. Reciprocate their outward affection with 100% of their enthusiasm or suffer their hurt faces.

They’re most in their element when they’re taking care of someone they’re fond of. What this means is that Cancer dogs are incredible parents to fostered or adopted pups. It may even extend to other animals that you adopt into the house, like cats! Though I wouldn’t recommend taking the risk of putting a cat and dog together on astrology alone.

Leo Dog: Born July 23 to August 22

Big as a lion’s mane, the Leo dog’s personality is just like their astrological namesake. They’re bold, goofy, and a bit melodramatic. Leo pups adore being the center of attention, so they do goofy things like chasing their tail or expressive howling.

They’ll also win over any guests you have with their charming melodrama and incredible extrovertedness. However, beware their need for attention. If it grows too much, it can be tiring to deal with it 24/7. Especially when the Leo dog needs the spotlight that much.

Virgo Dog: Born August 23 to September 22

If your dog’s a quiet stickler for the rules, you’ve got yourself a Virgo dog! Now, you may have to deal with some anxiety issues with your worrywart Virgo pup. However, you can train this out of them.

Virgo dogs are analytical creatures by nature. If they see a bunny or cat in the yard, they won’t get up to chase it immediately. That’s what an Aries dog would do. Instead, a Virgo dog will wait for a better opportunity to catch it and save their energy.

Libra Dog: Born September 23 to October 22

Represented by the scales, Libra dogs love balance in every part of their lives. Because of this, Libra pups always weigh their options before making any decisions. They do this for important decisions like whether or not to chew on your shoes.

This often makes them procrastinators, so if you see a half-eaten bone or bowl of food? The Libra dog will get to it later, when it decides that the balance is right. Loving and fair, the Libra pup is a great pet and loves to have a partner in crime. Like another dog.

Scorpio Dog: Born October 23 to November 21

Scorpios are an intense Zodiac sign, and they bring that intensity to every aspect of their lives. Their loyalty is fierce, and good luck finding a “chill” button on them. Spoiler: they don’t have one.

Loyalty in a Scorpio pup quickly turns to jealousy if they feel their provider is leaving them for a new significant other! Stick to routine training so as not to trigger the Scorpio’s territorial tendencies. However, their love for you is undying, so loving a Scorpio dog is more than worth it.

Sagittarius Dog: Born November 23 to December 21

Does staring out the window at nothing seem like something your dog does? Do they not react when they see a strangely identical dog in the mirror? If so, you probably have a Sagittarius dog on your hands.

With their heads often in the clouds, Sagittarius pups have a love of exploring the world around them. Exciting new hikes and trips to the beach just make your Sagittarius dog’s day, so go adventuring with them! Otherwise, they can be very impatient, so give them toys to occupy them while you work.

Capricorn Dog: Born December 22 to January 19

Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn dogs. Think of ruling planets as good luck symbols for each Zodiac sign. As an earth sign, Capricorn dogs are a grounded type of sign. Because of this, Capricorn pups have an organized nature. They always know where their toys are.

Capricorn dogs are also in touch with their body, so they have the energy to run around for hours. However, they’re prone to anxiety. Ease any separation anxiety they may have with preventative measures and training. Without anxieties, you’ll find Capricorn dogs to be social with both humans and other dogs.

Aquarius Dog: Born January 20 to February 18

Those born under Aquarius are often intelligent and intuitive folk. It’s the same for Aquarius pups. They always seem to know right when you’re about to walk through the door. Whining at you during your favourite show is also something they just know to avoid.

Aquarius dogs are also extremely affectionate pets and love to snuggle. Despite this, they can be stubborn, so prepare yourself to deal with them not quite being obedient. After all, Aquarius is famous as a rebellious sign.

This isn’t to say that obedience training is useless for them. It will just be harder for that training to take effect. Reward them for their hard work at obedience school with affection and this guarantees their loyalty to you.

Pisces Dog: Born February 19 to March 20

Like those born under the sign of Pisces, Pisces dogs have a dreamy personality. They crave nothing but peace and harmony; conflict just isn’t something they like to deal with. Backing down to avoid aggression is the typical response of a Pisces dog to another dog growling at them.

Sweetness is inherent to the Pisces dog, making them excellent family pets for those with small children. Don’t equate that sugar-sweet persona for innocence, however. That Pisces dog knows that their persona has you wrapped around their finger, just as they planned.

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