Senior dog returned to shelter because he can't walk up the stairs

Senior Shih Tzu mix dog-happy © Mackenzie Purdy - Facebook

When Charlie is returned to the shelter, it seems that he may never get his happy ever after. But then he makes a new friend, and everything changes.

By Zoë Monk

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When Charlie, a 7-year-old Shih Tzu mix, is returned to the shelter, things don’t look good for the senior pup. It hadn’t been long after he was adopted that his owner returned him after discovering Charlie couldn’t walk up the stairs in his new home, and she couldn’t pick him up.

Sad and rejected

Perhaps it was shyness or knowing he’d been rejected that made Charlie not want to make eye contact with people who visited the kennel. He always turned to face the wall when anyone went by.

But everything changed for Charlie when Mackenzie Purdy visited the shelter. She was looking to adopt another dog and was curious about Charlie. But despite him giving her the cold shoulder, Mackenzie wasn’t put off. She believed that Charlie was a loving dog underneath the fur and frostiness. He’d just not had the chance to show it. But as the poor pup also had a funny walk, Mackenzie feared most other adopters wouldn’t see his potential as a loving pet.

So, Mackenzie began spending time with Charlie. He wasn’t very interested in her and wasn’t particularly affectionate, but she did notice that the little dog would wag his tail when she approached him. 

When Charlie met Baxter

Mackenzie then decided to bring her dog Baxter to the shelter to meet Charlie. And that was when everything changed. Meeting Baxter turned Charlie’s little tail wag into proper excitement, and Baxter also took a real shine to his new little friend.

The next day Mackenzie took Charlie home, and she’s never looked back. A vet discovered that Charlie may have injured a disc in his back which is why he has reduced mobility in his back legs. But while he may not be able to run up the stairs, he loves to play with every dog he meets and go on short walks. He’s even become more affectionate, refusing to sleep alone and preferring to snuggle up with his family.

Finally Charlie got his happy ending.

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