Strange creature in water is every dog owner's worst nightmare (video)

Jellyfish swimming in sea dog-serious © centrosubportorotondo - Instagram

Tourists sailing off the coast of Italy filmed a strange-looking underwater creature. It's called a Sea Hare, and every dog owner needs to know about them.

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The short clip, shared on Instagram last year, shows a jelly-fish type animal swimming just under the sea's surface. It looks and moves like nothing most people have seen before. 

The creature seems to glide or fly through the water, flapping its large 'wings' in a hypnotic rhythm. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it's some alien lifeform from outer space  - or the bottom of the ocean. 

Meet the Sea Hare

But it's actually a Cyclopterus Lumpus - otherwise known as the Sea Hare. And it's one thing at the beach you should always keep your dogs away from.

The Sea Hare's body is covered in toxins that are highly dangerous for canines. One sniff or lick will make your pooch very poorly. 


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Like a squid, Sea Hares squirt out purple ink when they feel threatened. The toxins and the ink can cause sickness, vomiting, overheating, and seizures.

Dog poisoning: signs, causes, and treatment

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Amy Forsythe treats around ten dogs per summer for Sea Hare exposure. They all recover relatively quickly, although Dr. Forsythe has heard anecdotal evidence of dogs dying within a few days of contact.

Sea Hares in the UK

Sea Hares live around the UK coastline. They're found in shallow water and occasionally in rockpools on the low shore.

Try to avoid these areas when enjoying beach walks with your furry friend. And if your dog does come into contact with a Sea Hare, then seek medical treatment immediately.

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Schon einmal etwas von diesem Tierchen gehört vorher?
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