Disturbing picture leaves dog lovers shocked and horrified

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A picture of a 'headless' dog sent the internet into meltdown. But the keen eye of one viewer revealed that the snap is not as shocking as it first looks!

By Ashley Murphy

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The internet brought us lots of great things. But is there anything online that brings us more joy than a cute dog pic or post? Probably not.

Or if there is, then we haven't seen it yet. A good dog pic can turn the biggest frown upside down and make any gloomy Monday morning feel a little bit brighter.

Not your usual dog post

But those weren't the reactions most people had when they laid eyes on the latest canine post to go viral. Instead, their posts were full of words and phrases that nobody would ever associate with a picture of a pup.

"That's the freakiest thing I've ever seen," wrote one viewer. "I'm scared!"

And that's because this particular picture appears to show a dog missing one vital part of its body - the head!

Why do all dogs do that cute head tilt thing?

The post spawned plenty of wild theories. Some suggested the 'headless dog' was the victim of a horrible accident, while others said it looked like some kind of alien lifeform.

But as with most outlandish stories, this tale has a more mundane explanation. Using a mixture of keen observation skills and basic physics, one viewer managed to figure out the optical illusion.

The truth is revealed!

In reality, the dog is twisting around to give his back a good scratch. The pup lost one of its legs in an accident, which helps create the strange headless shape that left so many people confused - and a little bit terrified!

Thank god for that. Now can we all go back to just enjoying our dog pics?

The Headless, Pawless Dog’s mystery that has shocked the internet

“How is he alive?” This dog frightens anyone who sees his picture. And he’s not only gruesome, but also a mystery. But this question has an answer… A while ago a photograph made the rounds on social media and frightened many users. This dog was missing a paw and a head - or so it seemed - but, for some reason, was still standing. He was called the “alien dog” and “the lab experiment”. The internet as a whole theorized what was happening, but only one person had a real answer. The image is not only shocking, but also shows the creative ways we can act when facing amazing things. *Don’t worry, guys, the puppy is perfectly fine. You can now also find us on Youtube:

Posted by The Kiwi on Monday, May 9, 2022

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