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See the top 10 of the cutest dog breeds. Pick your favourite!

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Are you considering getting a new dog but you don’t know which breed to pick? Here you have a top 10 of the cutest dog breeds in the world.

We can all agree that every dog is special and unique. But, each one of us has one, two of three favourite dog breeds.

No matter the breed, we, dog owners will always find that our dog is the cutest. But what about you, dog lovers? Here is a list of 10 of the cutest dog breeds. But trust us, it was very hard to choose 10.

Top 10 of the cutest dog breeds

It is not easy to pick the cutest dog breed as all dogs deserve the title of "Man best friend"! Every single one deserve a life full of cuddle, affection, playtime, healthy lifestyle, toys and treats. So, how to prize the cutest dog breed in this world? Let's all agree on the fact they all deserve this title.

Our list of the cutest dog breeds is totally subjective and not complete at all. But anyhow, we choose these 10 dog breeds because they are seriously adorable! From the Golden Retriever to the French Bulldog and from the Newfoundland to the Siberian Husky, we, here at Wamiz, wish we could cuddle all of these.

Are you looking for a new pup? Who knows, you might fall in love with one of these cute dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

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The Golden Retriever is a large-size dog breed. They were originally bred by hunters and they used them as gun dogs to retrieve shot water birds like ducks during hunting and shooting parties. Hence the name “retriever”!

This dog was able to retrieve any shot animal undamaged. Nowadays, they are considered the best family dog. They are very loyal and very protective of their families.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador ©Shutterstock

TheLabrador Retriever is also extremely cute. They are known for being very laid back. This characteristic makes them get along with other dogs and pets in general. The one thing that can be considered negative about this dog breed is that they are picky eaters.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd ©Shutterstock

The German Shepherd is extremely intelligent, strong and obedient. They are actually often used in police, military, search and rescue mission, drug detection and so on. This faithful companion will need a firm and consistent training. Because German Shepherds are active and very intelligent, they will have to be kept busy learning, playing, and working.

Bernese Mountain dog

The Bernese Mountain dog ©Shutterstock

The Bernese Mountain dog is a large, friendly and very calm dog. This breed is great for first time owners as it is easy to train and easy going. However, be aware, it is a big dog and will probably take up some space. They will require a fair amount of exercise, so if you are an active owner then you will find a great companion dog in the Bernese Mountain dog.


The Pug ©Shutterstock

This small-sized dog breed has a characteristic body that everyone recognizes: wrinkly, short-muzzled face and the curly tail. Pugs are magnificent dogs. Despite their funny looking face, they are very cute.

Pugs have a unique glossy coat that comes in a variety of colours (usually black or fawn). They are great with the family! They love to play, especially with small children.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog ©Shutterstock

The French Bulldog is a great companion as it can adapt to any living situation, it is friendly, affectionate and laid-back. This small and muscular dog won't need too much exercise, just enough to keep him from being overweight. This gentle nature dog loves playing around children and other dogs, he is a sociable dog.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd ©Shutterstock

The Australian Shepherd is not only among the cutest dog breeds in the world but among the smartest! Furthermore, they are very loving and loyal. If you like a dog that is affectionate, this is your pick. They are however very active, therefore they will regurlarly need to be stimulated physically and mentally.


The Newfoundland ©Shutterstock

Even though they are really large dogs, you won’t find a gentler dog breed. Not only are they calm and nice but also beautiful. Also, they are very laid back and might even get to the point of laziness! So, if you are looking for a dog that doesn’t require excessive activity, the Newfoundland will be a great companion.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky ©Shutterstock

The Siberian Husky is gorgeous! Its blue or multi-coloured eyes, striking face and beautiful coat only add to the appeal of this breed. This athletic and intelligent dog is very independent and often runs away from its home. The Siberian Husky will need a firm and consistent training, but will also need a lot of exercise to feel fulfilled. If you make sure you reach your Husky's needs, then you will have a loyal companion by your side.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ©Shutterstock

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was born to be a companion dog. This dog will love to sit on your lap on the coach and will definitely enjoy a belly rub, but it is in his nature to hunt birds and it has kept its sportive spirit.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is extremely gentle and loves to play with children. They are intelligent and are willing to try new things and new tricks. You will have fun training your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Getting a dog

If you are thinking of getting a dog and it is your first time picking a puppy, you should know that there are different factors that you will want to take into account. For example, you have to consider the size of the dog, the length of the hair, lifespan and type of care.

You might also want to evaluate the breed’s temperament. Not every dog is calm and easy-loving. Most of dog breeds need a fair amount of exercise and will need a firm and constant training. However, you can find dogs who aren't so energetic and who will adapt to any living situation.

Dogs make great companions because of their loyalty!

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