Paul O’Grady forced into heart-breaking decision over rescue dog

Paul O'Grady with rescue dog dog-sad © paulogrady - Instagram

Everybody's favourite celebrity dog dad, Paul O'Grady, was visibly distraught after being forced to surrender one of his beloved pooches to an animal shelter.


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We all know how much love Paul O'Grady has for dogs. For years, he's warmed our hearts as the presenter of the hit ITV show For The Love of Dogs, which follows the ups and downs of the four-legged residents of Battersea Dogs Home.

And if you've caught any of the follow-up series, For the Love of Dogs: What Happened Next, you'll know that Paul built up a very special relationship with an American Bully called Tulip.

This story wasn't meant to be!

In fact, Paul loved Tulip so much that he decided to offer the shelter dog the one thing every rescue pooch dreams of, a forever home!


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But, unfortunately, this move didn't work out for Paul, his other dogs, or Tulip. Tulip's troubled past made it impossible for her to live alongside Paul's five other fur babies. 

The final straw came after Tulip unexpectedly started barking at the other dogs, leaving the much smaller pups visibly shaken. The disturbing behaviour meant Paul had no other choice but to return Tulip to the shelter. 

O'Grady was heartbroken as he handed Tulip over to staff. He had to hold back tears as he said goodbye for the final time.

Paul probably feels like he let Tulip down. However, as all real dog people understand, the animal's welfare always comes first. 

Paul did his best, and Tulip gets a second chance!

And besides, this sad story has a happy ending. 

Following a second short stay at the shelter, Tulip finally found her perfect family. And it includes a new dog brother that Tulip absolutely adores.

It shows that all a dog really needs is the right environment. And as for Paul? Well, he'll always be a hero to us!

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