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Owners decide to give up Westie for the most bizarre reason...barking at the TV!

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We accept that dogs rarely like hoovers and that some of them don’t like cats and others will chase squirrels. But what would you do if your dog HATED the TV?

There are few things better than getting home after a hard day, switching on the TV and curling up with your pup. But that just wasn’t possible for the former owners of little Thomas, the West Highland White Terrier.

Working like a dog

It seems that Thomas would get incredibly irate when the TV was switched on. His previous owners found his reaction so overwhelming that they felt they had no choice but to give him up.

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Thomas landed at the Dogs Trust Loughborough and now the hard-working staff are attempting to address the problem.

Six-year-old Thomas is being reprogrammed in a bid to curb his TV phobia in the hopes that he’ll bag himself a new forever family.

A slow process

Firstly, dog experts gave him a snuffle mat full of tasty treats and placed a muted iPhone showing TV channels next to him. Thomas aced it!

Then, they moved onto a phone with sound and eventually an iPad, all with little Thomas happily munching his treats.

The next and most crucial phase, is to use the same slow-paced training method to incorporate TVs.

We hope Thomas completed his training with flying colours and has since found owners who actually deserve his companionship. 

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