Toddler approaches dog’s bed: Mum grabs her camera to film what happens next

toddler napping with a cat and dog dog-cat-happy

A proud mum filmed the adorable moment when her toddler snuggled up for a nap with her two fur babies - a lovable Golden Retriever and a friendly little kitty!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 02/07/2021, 06:30

As a parent, life is always much easier when the little ones get along. And luckily for this proud mum, her three babies are the very best of friends. They're a three-year-old toddler, her dog brother, a Golden Retriever called 'Dabao', and a little cat sister who goes by the name of 'Motor.'

The cute trio loves hanging out together and hate being apart. In fact, where one goes, the other two usually follow. So when Dabao decided to snuggle up in his comfy dog bed, it wasn't long before Motor joined him. 

Time for an afternoon nap!

And when the little girl saw her furry siblings cuddled up together, there was no way she was going to miss out. So she nuzzled herself in between them and settled in for an adorable little nap.

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Mum managed to film the heartwarming moment. She then shared the video on a Chinese social media platform. It racked up over 3 million views, as well as thousands of gushing comments.

Best friends forever

"What a lucky little girl," posted one user. "The cat and dog love her so much that they let her do whatever she likes."

"This is so heart-warming! You have a dog, a cat and a baby. You are a winner of life! I’m so jealous," wrote another.

What a purr-fect little family!

We urge Wamiz readers to always be cautious when letting a pet play with a child. No matter how sweet pets can be, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable with a child's rough play and children can’t always pick up on that. Better safe than sorry, always supervise interactions between a child and an animal!