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Man takes sick senior dog into the pool; what happens next leaves viewers stunned

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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This dog owner started bringing his senior Siberian Husky, Kane, into the pool every day for the sweetest reason.

Kane is a senior Siberian Husky. Like many seniors, he's not as quick and nimble as he used to be. In fact, from one day to the next, his back legs suddenly stopped working.

Senior dog loses use of back legs

Seeing his best buddy in pain and unable to walk, Kane's dog dad knew he had to do something. Unfortunately, Kane was too old for surgery, so another solution had to be found.

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Suddenly, Kane's dad had an idea. In water, Kane would be weightless. There would be less pressure on his joints - perhaps this could relieve his pain? He simply had to try.

An incredible cure

So, the devoted dog owner carried Kane into his pool and held him in the water. Once there, something incredible happened. Kane seemed to completely relax, as if he was finally at ease. And the best part? Just a couple of days after floating in the pool, Kane's back legs started working again. 

Kane is an old dog and his owner knew he didn't have much time left with him. But he made sure that the time he did have left was happy and painless for his faithful companion. Well done to him!

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