Golden retriever and black cat

Golden Retriever discovers clever use for the family cat (video)

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A hilarious video featuring an unlikely partnership between a golden retriever named Leila and her feline housemate has taken the internet by storm.

In the clip, Leila ingeniously utilises her cat companion's claws for a much-needed scratch in those hard-to-reach places.

Scratch service

The video, which has amassed over 151,557 likes and numerous comments, shows Leila positioning herself strategically in front of the black cat lounging on a chair.

Seemingly understanding her intent, the cat complies without hesitation, using its paws to scratch Leila's backside, much to the dog's apparent delight.

The caption, "When the cat learns how to give you butt scratches," humorously suggests a newfound appreciation between the two.

Hilarious video

Viewers have been quick to express their delight. "I love how she turns around to snuggle the cat like 'ooh thank you!'" remarked one viewer. Others speculated on the relationship between the two, suggesting, "I think they're both experiencing very different feelings about the situation…"

Another user pointed out, "Pretty sure the dog taught him how to do that."

It's impossible to know what is going on in their furry heads during this interaction, but at the very least, the Golden Retriever gets a much-needed scratch and the cat can feel like the boss!

Here's the video everyone's talking about:

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