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Husky finds stray kitten in need of help; her response leaves everyone in awe

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The meeting between a cat or kitten and a Siberian Husky with a high prey drive may not always be one so pleasant, but in some cases: miracles do happen!

Five years ago, a Californian woman and her Husky named Lilo stumbled upon a dying stray kitten in a doorway.

Rather than put the kitten out of its misery, the Husky nurtured the poor animal, and begged her owners to bring the kitten home with them. The owner of the Husky decided to take a risk and let the dog cuddle the little kitten, while keeping a close eye on them.

Miracle moment between husky and kitten

But it was once they got home that the real miracle happened. The hungry kitten reached for Lilo’s underbelly. Lilo's owners decided not to intervene, and, in due course, noticed how the kitten would latch on hungrily and be nourished by Lilo's warm canine milk. Lilo instantly became the kitten's new mother.

The kitten, now named Rosie, gradually began to recover. After a week of caring and hugging from Lilo, Rosie started walking on her own. 

But Lilo is not the only Husky in the house; she shares her home in California with two other Huskies who also began to bond with little Rosie! 

A word of warning 

But while the friendship between the kitten and the three Huskies is very loving and gentle, the dogs' owners are keen to remind followers of their Instagram that this type of friendship between a Husky and a kitten is very unique.  Even though they are domesticated pets, Huskies maintain their natural hunting instinct, and there are times when cohabitation between Huskies and small animals can go wrong. For this reason, they urge people to pay close attention and avoid leaving a Husky alone with small pets, such as a kitten.

Fortunately for Rosie, her Husky siblings appear to have put their hunting instinct aside and are more interested in nurturing the little feline.

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