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Vets horrified when they discover what was inside this dog's swollen belly

Cyst removed from Gipsy the dog dog-serious
© Cabinet VĂ©tĂ©rinaire de Saint Jean de Sixt / Selarl Vetomontagne - Facebook

A dog from the French Alps caused great concern earlier this month when she showed all the signs of being pregnant. But what vets discovered is not for the feint-hearted.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 28/06/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

9-year-old Gipsy’s belly was growing fast. Owners of the Australian Shepherd were both surprised and concerned that at some point when she was out of sight Gipsy got herself pregnant.

But as the days went by, the dog’s belly grew exponentially, faster by far than normal. In addition, her health began to deteriorate and she lost her appetite. Gipsy’s owners quickly realised that their dog was not glowing in confinement.

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Vet surprised

Gipsy was checked over by a local Saint-Jean-de-Sixt vet who decided to perform a laparoscopy. To the vet’s surprise there - growing from the lining of the dog’s womb - was a large mass about the size of a rugby ball.

Gipsy underwent surgery almost straight away. From her uterus veterinarian surgeons removed a cyst weighing 6kg.

The growth of the cyst is caused by a rare form of degeneration of the uterus, the cause of which is not yet known. Had it not been removed, the poor dog would have died.

Gipsy is now on her way to a full recovery!