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Giant Newfies corner their owner: What happens next will make you speechless

three black newfoundlands sitting around owner sitting on chair dog-happy
© Dogs Lаnd - Youtube

A Newfoundland owner decided to start posting videos of her furry family online so she could share her love for the gentle giants with the world!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 23/02/2021, 06:30

And to say her channel is adorable would be an understatement. It’s filled with videos of her beloved dogs just acting like giant teddy bears!

One hug a day will keep the doctor away

In this video, the owner sits on a chair in her garden. Her three Newfoundlands circle around her, tails wagging, clearly excited that she’s sitting among them.

Then, suddenly, one of her Newfies props himself up on her. Standing on his two hind legs, the enormous dog towers over her! And this is where it gets really cute. She hugs the big black bear, and he hugs her right back! The two of them embrace each other for minutes on end, just enjoying the warmth of the hug.

Gentle giants

Newfies are well known for being a loving, affectionate breed. Despite their incredible size and strength, they’re really one of the gentlest and kindest breeds of dog out there.

And they’re one of the best breeds for kids! In fact, a Newfie plays the role of Nana in the original Peter Pan story!

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