Bus driver stops when he sees suspicious man with Labrador on the road

The bus driver followed his gut instinct dog-wow © Animal Kind - Facebook

A bus driver turned into a pet detective after he saw a dog being taken for a suspicious-looking walk. He soon cracked the case, and now the pooch is back where it belongs!

By Ashley Murphy

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Mike Thomas is a bus driver in downtown Portland, USA. He's seen plenty of unusual sights throughout the years and always trusts his instincts.

A strange place for walkie-time!

So when he saw a man in pyjamas walking a Labrador down a busy road with no lead, Mike knew something wasn't right. He pulled up beside the pair and offered them a free lift. Mike said:

"I noticed there was a guy in the middle of the road with a dog...It is not a place where you would normally cross, and he didn't have a leash."

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Mike carried on along his route, but it wasn't long before his original suspicions were confirmed. The man had struck up a conversion with another female passenger and was trying to sell her the dog!

Mike decided to ask the 'owner' a few questions, including the pooch's name. The man seemed unsure, and none of the names he gave matched the one on the dog's collar. Mike's gut feeling was right. He then pulled over, asked the man to get off the bus, and told him the dog was staying put.

The other passengers comforted the dog throughout the rest of the journey before he was handed over to Transit Police. 'Cooper' was then reunited with his real owners a few hours later. They insisted on meeting Mike so they could thank him in person. Cooper's human family offered Mike a framed picture of their beloved pooch, along with this adorable note:

"Thank you for bringing me back home to my family!"

Cooper goes home

Jane, Cooper's real dog-mum, said:

"It just brings great pride that there are some very good people in this world who are willing to go out that extra mile for our four-legged friends!"

Well said, Jane! And well done, Mike! You're everybody's hero today!

Bus driver rescues stolen dog during his bus route

Bus drivers see a lot of things behind the wheel, but this bus driver knew something wasn't right when he saw a man and a dog standing in the street. ???

Posted by Animalkind Stories on Friday, November 22, 2019
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